Mid Murray seeks input on future defining plan

Expanding the Mid Murray region's economy, growing the local tourism industry and reducing our impact on the environment are at the heart of an ambitious plan for a bigger and brighter future for the Mid Murray region.

The Mid Murray Council has unveiled its proposed strategic direction for the next four years in its draft Our Plan 2020-24 following community consultation in June on the Council's broader vision for the district.

The revised plan now includes the specific activities Council proposes to help achieve its strategic goals.

Some of the key activities proposed include growing the region's population by 10%, creating a Climate Adaption Plan to help Council become more environmentally sustainable able creating an indigenous cultural Heritage Preservation Plan.

Council is also looking at improving water management to reduce the reliance on River Murray water, developing a new Tourism Strategy as well as a Economic Development Strategy to attract tourists, new businesses, skilled workers and regional investment.

To view the full report and a complete list of proposals visit www.mid-murray.sa.gov.au

Mid Murray Mayor Dave Burgess said the Council now needed to hear whether the community supports the key activities proposed.

"We are grateful for the input provided by our community during Stage 1 of consultation on Our Plan 2020-24 - but now it's more important than ever that people have their say on how they want Mid Murray to develop and grow.

"The initial draft set out our hopes and aspirations for the district - now we're getting down to the detail by deciding on the actions we'll need to take to achieve those goals.

"The key activities proposed in the draft plan will become the focus of Council's projects, services and budget over the coming four years, so it is critical that our community supports what we're planning.

"The draft plan reflects a number of important areas for our district, from supporting continued economic growth and prosperity, to further developing our tourism industry ..."

"We are also focusing on responsible environmental management and sustainability by recognising the need to reduce our impact on our local environment, cut our dependency on the River Murray for water and adapt to a changing climate so that our region continues to thrive.

"As well, we recognise that our connected community is one of our greatest strengths and we have set out a number of ways in which we plan to continue to build stronger, more resilient local communities to continue to create positive wellbeing outcomes for our residents."

Mid Murray Chief Executive Officer Ben Scales said the new version of Our Plan 2020-24 also sets out ways the Council can improve its own operations to continue its drive towards increased sustainability and efficiency.

"We are committed to maximising business efficiency to ensure our ratepayers are getting the best value for money, as well as the most appropriate level of services," Mr Scales says.

"The community has already told us that it supports our long-term goals set out in Our Plan 2020-24, but now we need them to tell us whether they believe the key activities we've outlined are the best way forward towards achieving those goals.

Stage 2 of consultation on Our Plan 2020-24 begins on September 14 and runs until October 9.

Community workshops will be held at Mannum, Cambrai and Morgan, with a meeting also to be held in Adelaide to allow holiday home owners to attend and have input into the plan.

To have your say through one of our online surveys, visit www.mid-murray.sa.gov.au

Community feedback will be used to create a final draft plan, which will then be presented to the Council for its consideration and endorsement in November 2020.