Member for Hammond Adrian Pederick cleared by ICAC investigation into Country Members Accommodation Allowance claims

ICAC has cleared Member for Hammond Adrian Pederick after an investigation into allowance claims. Photo: File.
ICAC has cleared Member for Hammond Adrian Pederick after an investigation into allowance claims. Photo: File.

The Independent Commissioner Against Corruption Ann Vanstone has cleared Member for Hammond Adrian Pederick, along with eight other South Australian MPs, after an investigation into allowance claims.

Mr Pederick, along with Member of the Legislative Council Terry Stephens and Member for Narungga Fraser Ellis, made a joint statement on September 3, identifying themselves as subjects of an Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (ICAC) investigation.

The three Liberal MPs confirmed they had each received a notice from former Commissioner Bruce Lander to hand over documents for investigation into potential corruption in public administration, regarding the Country Members Accommodation Allowance - an issue investigated and brought to light in an ABC report.

Ms Vanstone confirmed in a statement on September 7 that she had written to the solicitors acting for the three men on September 4 to inform them she was continuing the investigation initiated by her predecessor, Bruce Lander.

Specifically, she had asked for documents of proof of where they were living at relevant times.

On September 15, Ms Vanstone said Mr Lander had requested an investigation by the Office for Public Integrity into all MPs from the last 10 years.

"The Office for Public Integrity commenced by requesting information relating to claims by serving Members of the House of Assembly," Ms Vanstone said.

Ms Vanstone announced that, after looking at material collected by the Office for Public Integrity, she had not found evidence of misconduct by a small number of MPs she was investigating separately.

Mr Pederick's claims for the allowance will not be further investigated, along with claims made by David Basham, Geoff Brock, Edward Hughes, Stephan Knoll, Nicholas McBride, Peter Treloar, Dan van Holst Pellekaan, and Tim Whetstone.

"Due to the publicity that these matters have attracted, I think it is in the public interest that where I have reached a view on the information currently available to me that there will be no further inquiry or investigation of a particular Member, I should say so publicly," Ms Vanstone said.

"Because of the confidentiality provisions of the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption Act 2012, the individuals concerned are not permitted to do so; although in each relevant case the Member has been advised of the outcome."

She said other MPs' claims were still being investigated, and no conclusion should be drawn regarding those she had not named.

Mr Pederick declined to comment on the matter.