Fire danger season begins

Photo: File.
Photo: File.

The Murraylands' fire danger season for 2020-21 will last five months, beginning on Sunday, November 15 and finishing on Thursday, April 15.

Country Fire Service chief officer Mark Jones said it was expected to be a milder start to the season compared to previous years because of recent rainfalls, which means fire danger seasons for many districts were beginning on more traditional dates.

Mr Jones said property owners should make sure their homes and businesses are safe.

"Now is the perfect time to prepare for the oncoming season and update your Bushfire Survival Plan," he said.

Mid Murray Council Mayor Dave Burgess said fire risk management was everyone's responsibility.

"As we approach another fire danger season, we want to ensure that all landowners take the threat of another bushfire seriously," he said.

"Make sure you're aware of your obligations and start your plan to maintain your property now.

"We'll have fire prevention officers working throughout the district over the coming weeks inspecting properties and - after the bushfire disaster last summer - we'll be expecting everyone to do their bit to keep themselves and their neighbours safe."

Southern Mallee District Council fire prevention officers have started property inspections and expressed concern over the level of vegetation that was found.

Southern Mallee Mayor Andrew Grieger said fire prevention was vitally important.

"We don't want to take any chances this season," he said.

"We're encouraging our community to take an active role now to prepare our district to survive this summer."

- Details: For information on council fire prevention visit or or your local council website.

Information about the fire danger season, restrictions on activities such as burn-offs, bonfires and barbecues, and how to create a Bushfire Survival Plan can be found at