SA Premier declares an eight-point plan amid COVID-19

CHANGES: SA Premier Steven Marshall addresses the SA public on Wednesday with an eight-point plan for medi-hotel system.
CHANGES: SA Premier Steven Marshall addresses the SA public on Wednesday with an eight-point plan for medi-hotel system.

Pleasingly, South Australia recorded no new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday.

To date there are 38 active cases in SA and a woman, 50, remains in a stable condition.

Wednesday morning's press conference highlighted that CCTV seized has been forensically examined and found no "deliberate breach" was made in medi-hotels.

"What the review found that there's been no deliberate breach of protocol and no evidence of people being in the wrong place at the wrong time, this is very pleasing," he said.

Premier Steven Marshall declared an eight-point plan for the medi-hotel system to beat "the silent enemy" in the state.

He further announced positive cases will be transferred from medi-hotels to dedicated health facilities.

Yet no date has been set.

One site being explored will be the old Wakefield Hospital site.

However, the Premier added that this is a "new virus" and we are learning more about it every single day. As prof Nicola Spurrier said yesterday, there is never zero risk with this virus.

But said a shield must be put between the virus and the community in SA.

SA's eight-point plan:

  1. All positive COVID-19 cases from medi-hotels will be transferred to a dedicated health facility
  2. Security at the dedicated facility will be provided exclusively by SA Police and SA protective security officers
  3. Dedicated staff working at the facility will not be deployed to other medi-hotels or high risk environments which includes aged care facilities, correctional facilities or hospitals
  4. All staff who are working in the dedicate facility have access to the Hotel for Heroes facility so they have the option to rest away from their home
  5. We will discuss all of these risk mitigation strategies with AHPPC (The Australian Health Protection Principal Committee) before implementing them and continue to seek the advice from the AHPPC on secondary employment for medi-hotel staff and other issues
  6. We will ask national cabinet to consider testing all returning Australians citizens prior to their flight with the view they must have negative test results before boarding
  7. The medi-hotel in question will be thoroughly deep cleaned
  8. Once these new actions are implemented we will be able to gradually resume our international arrivals for returning Australians

SA Health chief health officer, Professor Nicola Spurrier expressed her gratitude to the SA public after 9403 tests were carried out in both private and public laboratories on Tuesday.


Currently, 4300 people in SA are in quarantine.

"There are 29 cases linked to the Parafield cluster," she said.