Re-branding: Your chance to vote on Murray Bridge High School's new look

Re-branding: Your chance to vote on Murray Bridge High School's new look

THE Murray Bridge High School has released three new concept logos as it continues its re-branding process to create a more contemporary look.

In August, the school announced it was engaging in community consultation to create a fresh, modern image, reflecting the journey of the youth who will pass through its doors.

The school even considered a name change, but after a consultation period, it was decided Murray Bridge High School fits best.

After three months of consulting with well over 500 community stakeholders, students, staff and community leaders, the school unveiled three logos and three school motto concepts.

The Murray Bridge High School is asking stakeholders to read the branding rationale, found on the school's website, beforecasting their vote on their favourite logo and motto.

The school plans to apply the voting numbers with the weighting against key stakeholder groups, with current and future students having the biggest say in the new look of the school's brand.

The introduction of the new branding is set to coincide with year seven students attending the high school site from 2022.

The three new motto concepts were also revealed and are set to replace the current Latin motto 'Sic itur ad astra' which translates as'thus you shall the stars' or more commonly 'By striving we reach the stars'.

Motto concepts:

  • The future is ours
  • Creating our future
  • Together for our future

The Murray Bridge High School has also developed an extra Ngarrindjeri-inspired design element after community consultation found the vast majority of stakeholders noted the importance of the culture being represented.

See thedetailed branding rationale before lodging your votes here.

For more information about the school's rebrand, visit