'Go Local First' this Christmas

'Go Local First' this Christmas

This year has not been without its challenges for everyone in our community.

Many have lost their jobs some their livelihoods while others have been separated from loved ones.

In the face of these challenges, I am proud of how our community has come together to support one another. In the lead up to this festive season it is important we continue to support each other.

That is why the Federal Government has launched the go local first campaign encouraging Australians to 'Go Local First' when purchasing goods and services to help the small and family business sector get back on its feet.

Now more than ever, Australian small businesses need local communities to back them and support their recovery by choosing to shop with them either in person or online.

We all know when we purchase from our local small businesses, we are supporting our local community, which is even more important in regional areas.

These are the businesses that support our community organisations, our sporting clubs, provide jobs for locals and ensure our regions have the services we rely on.

Over Christmas when we are buying presents for loved ones, or sourcing food for the family table make sure to buy from local small businesses.

By choosing local, you are keeping your money within your local community, helping your local economy to thrive.

So please as much as you're able this year shop local and support those who have supported your community because I know if we all work together, we will emerge even stronger on the other side.

I encourage everyone in our local community to actively support this campaign and do whatever you can to back our fantastic small and family businesses and Go Local First.

Tony Pasin

Member for Barker