Last round of pennant bowls for 2020

Down the line: Mike Bristow, RSL, plays a shot during a recent division one home match. Photo - William Bailey.
Down the line: Mike Bristow, RSL, plays a shot during a recent division one home match. Photo - William Bailey.

Lower Murray Pennants bowls had some mixed results for the final round of 2020.

The last round prior to the Christmas break did not pass without a little bit of drama in division one as Karoonda struggled to find form and slumped to low on the ladder and a shortened game at Murray Bridge RSL against Bridge White went the locals' way.

Mannum had the bye but still holds top position ahead of Tailem Bend.

Skipper of the round goes to Rodger Zarantonello who got his Jervois team up by 17 shots just ahead of Blues Gerry Penta who made it by 16.

Last week for the record it was RSL's Karen Kneebone 25 shots up.

Division One

Tailem Bend travelled to Karoonda and came away with all rinks up by a winning margin of 33 shots.

Robby Hales, with his team David Hoare Hoare, David Linde and Colin Baxter, was the major contributor defeating Ian Symonds, Rohan Tomkinson, Peter Jones and John Wegner by 20 shots.

Tailem was always in charge and by the 15th end led 22-4. Karoonda added four shots to their total but Tailem extended their tally to make it 28 - 8 at the finish.

Sam Shepherd, Kim Tomkinson, Michael Thorne and Damien Ackland wen shot for shot early but a six on the 10th end followed by three winning ends made it nine the difference.

Karoonda rallied to get within four shots but Tailem finished with seven more to make the score 25-15 at close of play.

Travis Schenke, Merv Stevens, Kevin McDonald and Duane Edwards had an enthralling contest opposed to Josh Porker, Malcolm Waechter, Steven Kroehn and Don Loller.

The two teams went neck and neck up to the 14th end where the scores were level pegging 11 shots each.

Tailem then scored on four ends straight to gain a five-shot lead, Karoonda replied to make it into the last end just one shot down. That went to Tailem with two shots to make the final score 18-15.

RSL crossed the Murray River to do battle with Murray Bridge White.

White was in desperate need of a win, when only a week ago they were second on the premiership ladder until the loss to Mannum last Saturday pushed them downstairs to second last on the ladder.

The hot and humid conditions disrupted what could have been a confidence win to either team but turned out to be a win to White due to the heat clause.

The umpire called off play once the temperature had reached 38 degrees, with the team in front at the time and all rinks combined had played 33 ends was declared the winner.

Murray Bridge White with 26 shots defeated an unlucky RSL with 22 shots up.

With two players already in the club with heat stress it was it was good to see a sensible decision made.

White rink of Darren McIntosh, Les Trewren, Tony Gill and Tony Trewren had the win scoring 14 shots to RSL rink of Karen Kneebone, Brad Wilken, Kerri Bolt and Alan Wooley five shots.

White rink of Charlie Di Santo, Bruce Attrill, Jim Freak and Tom Griffiths with seven shots up were defeated by RSL rink of Jason Sipos, Michael Bristow, Michael Walker and "Chook Kennedy". with nine shots up.

White rink of Ian Oats, Trevor Pevic, David Ratsch and Bob Johnston with five shots up were defeated by RSL rink of Noel Kneebone, David Thiele, Gary Daniel and Graham Wilmhurst with eight shots up.

Best players for White were Tom Griffiths, David Ratsch, Tony Gill, Darren McIntosh and for RSL were Alan Wooley, Gary Daniel, Michael Walker and Jason Sipos.

Jervois struggled at home for most of the day before eventually reeling in Bridge Blue by five shots with a late flurry.

Rodger Zarantonello, Graham Fromm, Graham Schenke and Rob Solley had a big 17-shot win over Ben Traeger, Helen Lindner, Ted Baxter and Leo Liebelt.

But they did not have things their own way in the first half as the visitors battled hard to go to the break at 9-all on rink one, which has seen many visiting sides struggle.

Blue struggled to adapt to a change of length in the second half, adding just two shots to 19 by the home side as Zarantonello's side took nine of the last 10 ends to power away 28-11.

After a lean period, Graeme Herbert returned to form with a solid six-shot win with his rink of Shawn Hicks, Jim Brandle and Derek Vanderzon over Paul Smart, Peter Shilton, Mike Ferris and Haydn Hein.

Smart started well by securing the first four ends and taking a 6-0 lead, but Herbert worked back into the game and narrowed the deficit to just one at the break.

Blue was restricted to four singles in the second half as Jervois opted for long ends and steadily drew away for a 18-12 win.

David Kempe, Garry Mason, Kasey Ebdon and Jack Hameister looked good early as they took the first three ends for a 5-0 lead, but their advantage was wiped out the next end and they were mercilessly overrun by Gerry Penta, Brian Leckie, Judy Zadow and Hugh Smythe who prevailed 28-12 and looked likely to lead Blue to an upset overall win.

They asserted their dominance with five scores of three or more while restricting the home side to the odd single and ensuring Blue went home with two points

Premiership table - Mannum 67, Tailem Bend 63, Jervois 55, Bridge White 52, RSL 48, Karoonda 46, Bridge Blue 29.

Division Two

Jervois Red got the better of Tailem Bend on all rinks.

Len Gommers was the spacious front runner, his team of Owen Allen, Steven McKeown and Helen Roberts scored a couple of big numbers to defeat Stuart Rooke, Matthew Hogan, Neville Merritt and Robert Parker 32-15.

The other two were much closer.

Tim Hicks, Denis Hicks, Roman Kowalczyk and Stuart McCulloch just held on to defeat Kevin Griffiths, Robert Hughes, Glenda Shepherd and Bevan Jaensch by two shots.

After a tight struggle throughout, at the finish there was only one shot the difference between Chester Moore, Ted Roberts, John Petrovic and Matt Wynne with Red the ones surviving over Ian Shepherd, Steven Gordge, GaryBeauglehall and Colin Brereton 19-18.

Jervois Black's Kevin Spinks, John Obst and Rod Harris were just too good for the Bridge Blue teams skippered by David White, John Pohl and Graham Rolton, 74-19.

RSL did not go the pace with Meningie - Ash Hunt was a big winner over Jeff Henschke, Brian Bagshaw was also spacious against Phil McNamara and Trevor Mitchell joined in as well, opposed to Alan Arbon.

In another heat-shortened game, Bridge White had enough on the board to beat Mannum by three shots.

Peter White and Graham Leathers finished with six shots each, Kurt Weinman defeated Mannum's Stephen Gregory 12-8 then Ian Windenbank scored two points for Mannum 12-11 against Frank Nagy.

Premiership table - Meningie 88, Mannum 69, Jervois Red 65, Jervois Black 63, Bridge Blue 53, Bridge White 46, Tailem Bend 36, Karoonda 32, RSL 28.

Division Three

Only two matches were played with Jervois and Karoonda receiving forfeits.

Mannum Gold's David Evans and Winston Longbottom made it by three shots against Denise Menzies and Brian Hood, with Evans by six over Denise and Hood by three against Longbottom.

At Meningie Mannum Green chalked up full points - Peter McAvaney over Glen Andrews 22-18 and Pat Crowe 33-11 in her game with Ruth Miller.

Premiership table - Mannum Gold 58, Mannum Green 51, Karoonda 50, Jervois 48, RSL 40, Murray Bridge 33, Meningie 28, Tailem Bend 12.