Final round of Murray Bridge lawn tennis for 2020

Return: Cameron Moult-Smith, Swanport, gets down low to return the ball during a recent Lower Murray lawn tennis match in Murray Bridge. Photo - William Bailey.

Return: Cameron Moult-Smith, Swanport, gets down low to return the ball during a recent Lower Murray lawn tennis match in Murray Bridge. Photo - William Bailey.

Players had to deal with hot weather and warm winds in the final round of Murray Bridge lawn tennis for 2020. Play is set to resume on January 16, 2021 to complete the season.


Twin Bridges v Hot Shots

The first set was the ladies double when Kathy Pfeiffer and Yvonne Przibilla, Bridges, faced Elsie Grobler and Lynn Bald. This was a close match with the scores tied together throughout.

Grobler had success for Hot Shots with her signature cut shots while Przibilla managed to place wide short passes from net shots to Bridges advantage.

Eventually a tie break was reached but this too was anyone's game with scores see-sawing their way to 5-all before Hot Shots put together two winning points to walk off winners at 7/5.

Hot Shots were too strong in the men's double winning 7-2. However Twin Bridges returned favour when they won the mixed double 7-2.

The second round saw a clean sweep for Hot Shots, taking all three sets. The closest of these was the men's double between Shots' Noel Prosser and Ray Rossiter, opposed to Jack Reddin and Rod Williams.

Twin Bridges started well to be 3-1 up but Hot Shots fought back to bring the scores level. From then on it was neck to neck until Hot Shots finished with a flourish to win 7-5.

In the final round Hot Shots continued on their winning way having two wins where the score made it look easy but the actual games were often hard fought with sometimes multiple deuces.

Twin Bridges managed to win their second set for the day when Rod Williams and Hayden Law won a tight battle against Ray Rossiter and Alex Law.

In a set full of long rallies there were many exchanges between the Law brothers but in this set it was Hayden who came out on top. Bridges won the set 7-5.

Final scores were Hot Shots 7 sets 56 games to Twin Bridges 2 sets 36 games.

Three players from Hot Shots - Elsie Grobler , Lynn Bald and Noel Prosser - won all three of their sets.

River Aces v Bridge Crows

The first set between Crows' Bob Hancock and Zakk Bald facing Michelle Saye and Roger King started well for Crows as they took a 4-0 lead.

Bald was playing excellent net winners while for Aces, King had success with high tosses which he managed to land on the back lines.

Although there were many deuce games it was Crows who were able to finish them off and they took the set 7-1

In the women's double Helen Redden and Anne Howell, Aces, competed against Rosemary Daish and Lilly King.

A good tussle was happening before Redden was forced to concede due to illness and Crows took the set on a forfeit.

Redden was unable to continue and was forced to forfeit her other two matches as well.

This meant that Bridge Crows already had their five required sets to win the match and put a distinct dampener on the day for these teams.

The one bright spot for River Aces was the last round men's double when Ben Bowman and R.King battled their way to a 7-4 win against Peter Paech and Bald.

Final scores were Bridge Crows 8 sets 60 games to River Aces 1 set 24 games.

The only person who played and won all three of her sets was Crows player Lilly King.

Premiership Table - Twin Bridges 22pts; Hot Shots 22pts; Bridge Crows 20pts; River Aces 16pts.


Schools v Banks

Schools got off to a good start in the Murray Bridge Lawn junior matches on the weekend taking four of the five doubles in their match against Banks.

The third double was closely contested, with Bella Freaney and Zoe Harrington, scraping in against Ben Stewart and Lilly Wood 6-5.

Stopping a clean sweep in the doubles, Bridie Loller and Ava Lindner for Banks won against Rosie Vowles and Taj Garrett, 6-2.

With the singles sets being shared, Schools dominance in the doubles, gave them the premiership points with a three set win.

Ava Lindner, Banks had to play well to win against Taj Garrett 6-5, as did Banks Oliver Young in his win over Indii Garrett 6-5.

Most valuable player award for Schools went to Bella Freaney, while Ben Stewart received the award for Banks.

Sportsmen v Coorong

Bottom-placed Sportsmen were ahead three sets to two after the doubles against Coorong.

In the top double, Bohdi Stewart got a late call up and combined with Bailey Morrell for Coorong and they had a very entertaining match against Jason Crouch and Coen Martin, winning 7-5.

Sportsmen kept the pressure on in the singles, taking all nine singles sets on offer to run away with a 12-set win.

Coen Martin and Bailey Morrell had another marathon in their singles, with Coen winning in a tie break 7-6 for Sportsmen.

Team mate Taj Rowe, also had a tough match against Noah Horstmann, winning 6-5, as did Lucy Scalzi, when she prevailed over her sibling Harry, also 6-5.

Most valuable player for Sportsmen was Coen Martin and Lucinda Temby received Coorong's award.

Swanport v Murraylands

In the closest match of the day, Swanport took on Murraylands and found themselves one set ahead after the completion of the doubles sets with siblings Ned and Lily King combining well for a big win at the top of the order.

With the singles sets being split it was this slight edge in the doubles that got Swanport over the line.

Murrayland's Max Loller played well to beat Lilly King 6-4, as did Max's team-mate Yulee Chi over Adim Harm, 6-4.

Helayna White also chipped in with a 6-4 win over Swanport's Molly Freaney.

The Most Valuable Player award for Swanport went to Sasha Randall while Helayna White received Murrayland's award.


Schools 9-73 def Banks 6-61

DOUBLES - C Mundy, S White v Z Bald, A Law 6-1; R Vowles, T Garrett v B Loller, A Lindner 2-6; B Freaney, Z Harrington v B Stewart, L Wood 6-5; E Baumgurtel, L Stewart v C White, A Vowles 6-3; I Garrett, E Blucher v O Young, R Thiele 6-4.

SINGLES - C Mundy v Z Bald 6-2; S White v A Law 6-4; R Vowles v B Loller 1-6; T Garrett v v A Lindner 5-6; B Freaney v B Stewart v 3-6; Z Harrington v L Wood 6-4; E Baumgurtel v C White 3-6; L Stewart v A Vowles 6-2; I Garrett v O Young 5-6; v H White 6-;E Blucher v R Thiele 6-0

Swanport 8-66 def Murraylands 7-54

DOUBLES - N King, L King v E Horstmann, M Loller 6-1; A Mundy, D Harrington O Coull, F Coull 1-6; A Harm, P Marchetti Y Chi, Q Short 2-6; S Randall, L Davis v A White, H Baumgurtel 6-2; M Freaney, S Vowles v H White, P Scalzi 6-3.

SINGLES - N King v E Horstmann 6-0; L King v M Loller 4-6; A Mundy v O Coull 1-6; D Harrington v F Coull 6-4; A Harm v Y Chi 4-6; P Marchetti v Q Short 6-2; S Randall v A White 2-6; L Davis v H Baumgurtel 6-0; M Freaney v H White 4-6; S Vowles P Scalzi v 6-0.

Sportsmen 12-82 def Coorong 2-48

DOUBLES - J Crouch, C Martin v B Stewart, B Morrell 5-7 ; H Law, T Kruschel v K Jarvis, E Morrell 6-1 ; T Rowe, C Lovell v N Horstmann, E Franke 6-3; M Baumgurtel, L Bald v H Jarvis, L Morrell 6-2; C Bolt, L Scalzi v L Temby, H Scalzi 4-5

SINGLES - J Crouch v R Daniels 6-3 ; C Martin v B Morrell 7-6; H Law v K Jarvis 6-3 ; T Kruschel v E Morrell 6-3; T Rowe v N Horstmann 6-5 ; C Lovell v E Franke 6-2; M Baumgurtel v H Jarvis 6-1; C Bolt v L Temby 6-2; L Scalzi v H Scalzi 6-5

Premiership table - Swanport 62.50%; Schools 50%; Avoca 42.86%; Banks 37.50%; Sportsmen 28.57%; Murraylands 25%; Coorong 25%.



Postel 4-47 v Swanport 8-69

DOUBLES: A.Morrell & W.Crane v J.Godden & C.Moult-Smith 8-9; D.Konitzka & C.Watson v B.Hattam & R.Farnham 9-1; L.Dow & J.Crouch v T.Roberts & M.Godden 2-9

SINGLES: A.Morrell v J.Godden 0-9; W.Crane v B.Hattam 6-2; D.Konitzka v C.Moult-Smith 6-3; C.Watson v R.Farnham 0-6; J.Crouch v T.Roberts 1-6; L.Dow v M.Godden 1-6

REVERSE DOUBLES: A.Morrell & D.Konitzka v J.Godden & B.Hattam 5-7; A.Lapinskas & L.Dow v C.Moult-Smith & T.Roberts 2-6; W.Crane & C.Watson v R.Farnham & A.Godridge 7-5

Schools 6-61 v Sportsmen 6-63

DOUBLES: D.Altmann & J.Bormann v J.Joy & D.Schulz 9-3; T.Bormann & D.Altmann v A.Ahrens & M.Wilhelm 2-9; R.Butcher & J.Altmann v N.King & T.Jones 2-9

SINGLES: D.Altmann v J.Joy 9-1; J.Bormann v D.Schulz 9-3; D.Altmann v A.Ahrens 1-6; T.Bormann v M.Wilhelm 0-6(fft); R.Butcher v N.King 7-6; J.ALtmann v T.Jones 5-7

REVERSE DOUBLES: D.Altmann & T.Bormann v J.Joy & A.Ahrens 6-4; J.Bormann & R.Butcher v D.Schulz & N.King 6-2; D.Altmann & K.Bormann v M.Wilhelm & T.Jones 5-7.

Premiership table - Sportsment 23pts; Swanport 21pts; Schools 17pts, Postel 11pts.