Young River Murray tennis stars part of winning SA challenge teams 22

Two young River Murray tennis players have been part of Regional SA's overall win in the inaugural South Australian Teams Challenge in Adelaide.

The challenge, held at West Lakes Tennis Club on December 14 and 15, was run for the first time and attracted 36 players from around the state.

It was held as an alternative to the national competition which usually takes place after the State Foundation Cup, but due to COVID-19-related travel restrictions, the Metropolitan SA vs Regional SA event was formed instead.

Representatives from six country regions made up the Regional SA teams.

Three age groups covered - 13-and-under, 15-and-under, and 17-and-under - and Regional SA won all three categories and ultimately the championship.

Maria Tzanavaras was in the 13-and-under Regional SA team that won, while Sophie Nettle was in the winning 15-and-under Regional SA team.

Tennis SA competitions lead Luke Doughty congratulated the winners and all who played or were involved with the competition.

We are thrilled to have hosted the South Australian Teams Challenge for representative players from around the state," he said.

"Whilst the COVID pandemic prevented our usual pathway to a national level, this event has been a great success, presenting new opportunities for players from both regional and metropolitan South Australia."

South Australian Teams Challenge winners

Overall teams champion

Regional South Australia

13-and-under teams champion

Regional South Australia

Bryan Dickson (Lower Northern)

Cooper Ferme (Upper Northern and Yorke)

Lucy Handbury (South East)

Eva Schmucker (Eyre Peninsula)

Maria Tzanavaras (River Murray)

Dylan Wilson (Hills Fleurieu)

15-and-under teams champion

Regional South Australia

Riley Gill (Lower Northern)

Adele Inglis (Upper Northern and Yorke)

Lachlan Maywald (Hills Fleurieu)

Sophie Nettle (River Murray)

Benjamin Siedel (Hills Fleurieu)

Olivia Wuttke (Lower Northern)

17-and-under teams champion

Regional South Australia

Jake Baker (Hills Fleurieu)

Jenna Barry (Hills Fleurieu)

Arley Byass (Eyre Peninsula)

Emily Edwards (South East)

Callum Hillier (Hills Fleurieu)

Georgia Tregaskis (Hills Fleurieu)

Tier 1 - Players 1-6 based on UTR

Girls: Jenna Barry (Hills Fleurieu)

Boys: Arley Byass (Eyre Peninsula)

Tier 2 - Players 7-12 based on UTR

Girls: Saanvi Kondamuri (Mawson Lakes)

Boys: Aleksandar Govedarica (Teringie)

Tier 3 - Players 13-18 based on UTR

Girls: Dayna Harrison (Adelaide)

Boys: Dylan Wilson (Hills Fleurieu)