Crows, Aces win doubles tennis round

The first set of the Murray Bridge lawn tennis doubles competition between Hot Shots and Bridge Crows began evenly with the score 2-all at the end of the first round of serves.

Then Crows pair Michelle Saye and Bob Hancock began to pull away to lead 6-2.

However, Hot Shots, fought back to be 4-6 with Noel Prosser making things difficult for Crows with great net shots. Crows steadied and won the next game to win the set 7-4.

On the other court Ben Wohlfiel and Lyn Bald, Hot Shots, faced grandson Zakk Bald and Lilly King.

This was an entertaining match with all players acknowledging good shots and enjoying the game with lots of chatter.

Hot Shots began with a rush to lead 2-0 but Crows worked their way back into the match to level at 2-all.

Shots had a run of winners taking the score to 5-2 but Crows continued to improve and soon the score was 6-4 Shots way. Shots finally took the set 7-5.

The final set of this round was a ladies double which was a close affair with lots of rallies, but Crows won the points that count towards the end and won 7-5

The top mixed double consisted of Prosser and Elsie Grobler, Shots, opposed to Hancock and Rosemary Daish.

In the first round of serves everyone's serve was broken to leave the score at 2-all.

Crows settled and were able to win the next four games before Shots battled back to win two in a row.

With the score a 6-4 Crows wound up the set 7-4.

Hot shots Rossiter and Wohlfiel proved too strong in their match against Saye and Z. Bald, winning 7-2.

In the women's match Delrae Thomas partnered L Bald for Shots, against Jill Woolford and Lilly King.

It started as a tight tussle but Crows then got on a roll and took the lead. Although Shots fought on strongly Crows ended the game as winners 7-4

It this time Crows led the match four sets to two. Hot Shots' plight was not helped when they were unable to play the last of the men's doubles and a forfeit occurred.

In the next set Saye and Woolford started slowly with Rossiter and Thomas taking a handy lead.

However Crows persistence and refusal to lose got them back into the set and at the last change they led 5-4.

Saye and Woolford broke Rossiter's serve and when Woolford then held her serve the win was sealed, 7-4.

The final set of the day was a women's double Daish and King where Crows took an early lead, and although Grobler and L Bald fought hard they could not catch them.

King played a strong game from the baseline hitting strongly and creating many opportunities for Crows.

Final scores were Bridge Crows 7-56 to Hot Shots 2-39.

Players who won all three sets were, Woolford, Daish and Hancock, all Crows members.

Twin Bridges v River Aces

The first set up for the day was the top men's double where Mick Jolly and Ben Bowman, representing River Aces, faced Jack Reddin and Rod Williams.

This was a bit ofa one sided match which Aces won convincingly 7-3.

Meanwhile on the second court, Aces, Roger King and Anne Howell had a game on their hands when they met Bridges, Barry Griffiths and Yvonne Przibilla.

Bridges started with the ball on a string winning points all over the court to be 4-1 up.

With the score 5-2 down Aces finally came alive and began playing to their ability. They made it 5-all and then went ahead to lead 6-5.

Howell served for the match but Bridges pulled out all stops to make it 6-all and to force a tie break.

The tie was a struggle with both teams using all the shots in the book to try to gain the advantage but scores remained tied together.

Eventually after many long rallies Twin Bridges managed to put two games together in a row to win the tie 7-5.

The ladies double between Kathy Pfeiffer and Deanna Harden, Bridges, opposed to Jess Burbidge and Sharon Watson, was also a long tough game which went to a tie break.

However this time it was River Aces who came off smiling, also with a 7-5 tie break score.

The third tie break set in a row occurred when Reddin and Pfeiffer met Jolly and Burbidge in the top mixed double.

Once again it was a great set for spectators to watch as the score crept along towards 6-all.

And once again it was a tough battle in the tie but it was Aces who finally managed the win. No tie break score was recorded.

In the men's double Williams and Griffiths, Bridges, met Bowman and King.

Aces started with a service beak and soon led 3-1 before Bridges settled and were able to level the score. Some close games followed but Bridges held on to win 7-4.

In the women's double play seesawed its way to 2-all.

Aces took control and although Bridges served well and won many tricky shots hard they were unable to halt the Aces express, losing 2-7.

At the start of the final round Aces led four sets to two.

In the final men's double Bridges , Reddin and Griffiths had an easy win 7-1 against Jolly and King.

The mixed double between Williams and Harden facing Bowman and Watson went the other way with an easy win to Aces7-2. Watson was on fire hitting winners.

In the final match, the woman's double, Burbidge and Howell, Aces, ran away with an early start not allowing Bridges pair Pfeiffer and Przibillza time to settle.

Final scores were River Aces 6-53 to Twin Bridges 3-40.

Players winning all three sets were Barry Griffiths , Bridges, and Jess Burbidge and Sharon Watson , both Aces.

Junior competition

It was the end of the minor round in the Murray Bridge Lawn tennis junior competition on the weekend, with a couple of the teams trying to keep their chances alive to compete in the finals in the top division.

Swanport, who had the bye this week, finished their minor rounds in top position.

Murraylands v Coorong

An undermanned Murraylands struggled against Coorong who won 10 sets to two.

Coorong won all the four doubles, the closest being Lucinda Temby and Harry Scalzi, Coorong, against Helayna White and Callum Oster, with the Coorong pairing winning 6-4.

Coorong continued their dominance in the singles, taking six of the eight on offer.

Murrayland's Max Loller and Helayna White both recorded their teams only singles wins with a 6-2 scoreline.

Most valuable player for Coorong was Logan Morrell while Max Loller received the Murrayland's team award.

Avoca v Banks

Second-placed Avoca, took on lower-placed Banks and was ahead by a solitary set after the doubles.

Bridie Loller and Ava Lindner, Banks, were again successful this week, in their double over Emma Godden and Yulee Chi, winning a close tussle 6-5.

Avoca then won eight of the ten singles on offer to run out comfortable seven set victors, with four of those being a 6-5 or tie break result.

Emmanual Slattery had to dig deep to defeat Zakk Bald in a tie break 7-6(7\4).

Yulee Chi, Avoca, defeated Ava Lindner, 6-5, as did Charlie White, Avoca over Lilly Wood, and Peter Scalzi, Avoca, over Ruby Thiele.

Most valuable players for Avoca were Charlie White and Emmanuel Slattery while for Banks, Ruby Thiele was the recipient.

Sportsmen v Schools

Schools were ahead three sets to two after the doubles against Sportsmen.

Hayden Law and Thomas Kruschel had a tough match against Taj Garrett and Demi Harrington, winning 6-5 while Schools pairing Indii Garrett and Eddie Blucher snuck home 6-5 in their match against Leo Rigney and Lucy Scalzi.

Schools kept the pressure on in the singles, winning six of the ten on offer to run out three set winners on the day.

Bella Freaney, Schools, played well to win 6-5 over Charlie Lovell while Sportsmen's Ben Hand, Sportsmen had a mighty tussle with Luke Stewart before prevailing by the same scoreline.

Most valuable player for Schools was Eloise Baumgurtel while Hayden Law received Sportsmen's award.


Junior competition

Avoca 11-81 def Banks 4-63

DOUBLES - E Slattery, S White v Z Bald, A Law 6-1, E Godden, Y Chi v B Loller, A Lindner 5-6; T & C Freund v B Stewart, L Wood 6-1; C White, L Davis v Z Harrington, S Randsll 6-2; N Oster, P Scalzi v O Young, R Thiele 1-6

SINGLES - E Slattery v Z Bald 7-6; S White v A Law 6-2; E Godden v B Loller 4-6; Y Chi v A Lindner 6-5; C Freund v B Stewart 6-4; T Freund v Z Harrington 6-4; C White v L Wood 6-5; L Davis v S Randall 6-4;N Oster v O Young 4-6; P Scalzi v R Thiele 6-5.

Coorong 10-64 def Murraylands 2-40

DOUBLES - R Daniels, B Morrell v E Horstmann, M Loller 6-2; E Morrell, N Horstmann v B Lienert, Q Short 6-2; E Frsnke, L Morrell v A White, H Baumgurtrl 6-1; L Temby, H Scalzi v H White, C Oster 6-4.

SINGLES - R Daniels v E Horstmann 6-4; B Morrell v M Loller 2-6; E Morrell v B Lienert 6-3; N Horstmann v Q Short 6-4; E Franke v A White 6-4; L Morrell v H Baumgurtel 6-2; L Temby v H White 2-6; H Scalzi v C Oster 6-2

Schools 9-74 def Sportsmen 6-58

DOUBLES - N King, C Slattery v J Crouch, C Martin 3-6 ; T Garrett, D Harrington v H Law, T Kruschel 5-6; C Lienert, B Freaney v T Rowe, C Lovell 6-4; E Baumgurtel, L Stewart v M Baumgurtel, B Hand 6-2; I Garrett, E Blucher v L Rigney, L Scalzi 6-5

SINGLES - N King v J Crouch 6-0 ; C Slattery v C Martin 1-6; T Garrett v H Law 4-6 ; D Harrington v T Kruschel 6-1; C Lienert v T Rowe 2-6 ; B Freaney v C Lovell 6-5 ; E Baumgurtel v M Baumgurtel 6-1; L Stewart v B Hand 5-6; E Blucher v L Rigney 6-0; I Garrett v L Scalzi 6-4


SCHOOLS 8-68 v POSTEL 4-63

DOUBLES: J.Bormann & R.Crane v A.Morrell & A.Lapinskas 9-5; R.Crane & K.Bormann v M.Godden & C.Watson 9-6; S.Crane & J.Altmann v D.Bald & L.Dow 9-7

SINGLES: J.Bormann v A.Morrell 9-5; D.Altmann v M.Godden 3-6; R.Crane v A.Lapinskas 0-6(fft); K.Bormann v C.Watson 2-6; S.Crane v D.Bald 6-4; J.Altmann v L.Dow 6-3

REVERSE DOUBLES: J.Bormann & R.Crane v A.Morrell & M.Godden 6-4; D.Altmann & S.Crane v A.Lapinskas & D.Bald 7-5; P.ALtmann & J.ALtmann v C.Watson & L.Dow 2-6


DOUBLES: J.Godden & C.Moult-Smith v J.Joy & A.Ahrens 9-7; B.Hattam & A.Goodridge v M.Wilhelm & N.King 7-9; M.Godden & L.Miegel v G.Buttle & K.Farnham 5-9

SINGLES: J.Godden v J.Joy 9-3; C.Moult-Smith v A.Ahrens 2-6; B.Hattam v M.Wilhelm 1-6; A.Goodridge v N.King 7-6; M.Godden v K.Farnham 7-5(fft); L.Miegel v E.Slattery 6-9

REVERSE DOUBLES: J.Godden & B.Hattam v J.Joy & M.Wilhelm 7-6; C.Moult-Smith & M.Godden v A.Ahrens & G.Buttle 6-4(fft); A.Goodridge & L.Miegel v N.King & E.Slattery 2-6.

Premiership table

Senior pennants - Sportsmen 35 points; Swanport 29; Schools 23; Postel 17.

Doubles - Twin Bridges 32; Bridge Crows 28; Hot Shots 28; River Aces 24.

Juniors - Swanport 7 wins; Avoca 6; Schools 5; Sportsmen 4; Coorong 3; Banks 3; Murraylands 2.