Mid Murray council to re-evaluate rate changes

Mid Murray Mayor Dave Burgess. Photo: File
Mid Murray Mayor Dave Burgess. Photo: File

Ratepayers in the Mid Murray Council area are being asked to consider a number of changes to the rates rating system in a bid to make it more equitable and simpler.

The council is concerned about the unfairness and complexities of the current system, and as such is asking residents to take part in a consultation process for proposed changes.

The changes could include:

  • Increasing the minimum rate;
  • Diminishing the differential between land uses;
  • Moving to a differential rating structure based on land use (instead of a combination of land use and locality);
  • Introducing a waste collection charge for those who receive general waste collection.

These changes would be introduced gradually over a five-year period.

Mid Murray Mayor Dave Burgess said the changes would bring the council inline with standard practice used by many councils across the state.

"Our proposals aren't about raising additional rate revenue, they're about ensuring our rate collection methods are simple to understand and apply, as well as being efficient and fair - and that our rate income is adequately supporting the future goals of both Council and our community in terms of providing the services, infrastructure and facilities required," Mr Burgess said.

"These changes also aim to address inequalities in our current system, to ensure ratepayers aren't paying for services they don't receive, and that they aren't being unfairly charged on the basis of where they live."

Public meetings will be held at Cambrai on March 3, in Adelaide on March 4, in Mannum on March 10 and Morgan on March 11 - details including registration, times and venues are available on the council's website.

For more information on the review visit www.mid-murray.sa.gov.au.

Consultation finishes on March 25 at 12noon.


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