Last straw for river campers

Last straw for Walker Flat campers

Something must be done about the dangerous jet skiers at Walker Flat Boat ramp.

They are racing up and down the river with no thought for the safety of others. When told to slow down they become abusive.

Fishermen have been unable to launch their boats. People are unable to swim for fear of being run over.

Older campers have been forced to move on because of the noise.

We have had to call the police twice.

We have been coming to Walker Flat for five years. We support the local store and general store and shop in Mannum.

We will not be coming back here to camp. In all our years of travelling we have never had to put up with anything like this.

I have posted this message on a number of free camping forums as well as Facebook warning people not to camp here.

Jenny Alderton,

Corindhap, Victoria