Two Murray Bridge Councillors have had enough with the abandoned trolleys in Murray Bridge

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: Murray Bridge Councillors' John DeMichele and Andrew Baltensperger have had a gutful of abandoned trolleys in Murray Bridge.
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: Murray Bridge Councillors' John DeMichele and Andrew Baltensperger have had a gutful of abandoned trolleys in Murray Bridge.

When it comes to this issue, two Murray Bridge councillors have had enough.

With constant complaints and reports of abandoned trolleys from the community, there is now a plan in place to get these unattractive eyesores off the streets.

They make any area look upkept and untidy, but now Murray Bridge Council have created a trolley tracker hotline list.

This list has several numbers community members can call and help keep the town looking respected and clean.

Murray Bridge Councillor, John DeMichele said the trolley problem has expanded further and further.

"At the moment, there are trolleys laying all around Murray Bridge and the issue is that it's not just around the shopping centres, they can be up to two kilometres away from the shops," Councillor DeMichele said.

"Each shop has their own trolley recovery team. They listen to the reporters and then come pick it up, but we believe there are just far too many being missed.

"Hopefully with extensive exposure, more will be reported and we will eliminate these abandoned trolleys left on properties and streets."

Fellow Murray Bridge Councillor, Andrew Baltensperger said the time has come for change.

"Enough is enough," Councillor Baltensperger said.

"There's an app called 'Snap, Send, Sold' which can be used to report problems within the community.

"I encourage people to download it and start reporting these trolleys. It's free to download, takes GPS locations and can be used on other things such as street signs and potholes.

"It's time to take action. It's time to get serious about it. Murray Bridge is a beautiful community and it's just annoying seeing all these trolleys laying about making the area look bad."

With upgrades in Murray Bridge improving the scenery of the town, these abandoned steel eye-sores are hindering the progress of change.

"These trolleys make Murray Bridge look unattractive when scattered throughout the town," Councillor DeMichele said.

"We need to take a stand on this. We've taken as much as we can, but the community outcry is also now being heard.

"You speak to any community member and I think it gets under their skin seeing all these shopping trolleys in a garden bed, someone's front yard or on the side of the street.

"We hear so much white noise from community members who have had enough of these trolleys everywhere. As councillors, we have to listen to that community outcry and we've had a gutful of the problem as well.

"It's not a good look. It doesn't do Murray Bridge any good when visitors stay or drive through. It doesn't help the community itself to have to see that.

"We're making a good effort to try and make the town look more appearing, community friendly, and somewhere you'd like to take a walk to visit with the family.

"To see these trolleys in front of a walkway, or street, it's not good scenery at all.

"There are systems that can be implemented to stop these trolleys from leaving their designated areas and are not being utilised. We're not talking the trolleys in the carparks near the shops they belong to, we're talking the one two kilometres away in a park. Those are the annoying ones.

"We're just trying to do our part in getting these trolleys off the street."

If you see any abandoned trolleys in Murray Bridge, it is encouraged to ring the specific owner and advise them of its location.

Here is the list of contacts to report abandoned trolleys:

You can also download the app Snap, Send, Sold' on your smartphone or computer to report any problems in the area.

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