NETBALL: River Murray netball junior and senior reports and action shots, round six | PHOTOS

Round six, May 1

Mannum v Imperials

A grade

Mannum hosted Imperials in their Anzac Day match in warm, windy conditions. Imperials started strong, scoring the first three goals of the game.

Casey DeMichele and Olivia Bolt in goals for Imperials demonstrated their experience, working well and shooting with accuracy.

Mannum's centre Amy Schultz had a good tussle with opposition Demi Dunn, both drove hard and had good vision into respective goalies.

At the first break, Imperials lead 18-9. Mannum came out firing in the second with great defensive pressure from Rachel Gassner and Kellie McGorman. McGorman, hitting the court for her 400th junior/senior game for Mannum.

Mannum's goalers Phoebe Wegener and Brydie Sims, a new combination, also found some form with great movement and shooting.

Mannum won the second quarter by two goals, decreasing Imperials lead 29-22. Mannum appeared rattled going into the third quarter.

Lucy Harkness in goal defence for Imperials found her feet and took multiple intercepts.

Crystal Berling in keeper also applied great defensive pressure causing Mannum to make errors. At the end of the third, Imperials led 42-28.

Laura Berling in wing attack for Imperials was consistent throughout the game, creating plays for her attack end.

At the opposite end, Gemma Horstmann in wing attack for Mannum and Genna Harkness in wing defence for Imperials had a good contest throughout the game

Mannum were determined to not let the score line blow out in the last quarter and fought it out until the end. Experience proved too strong on the day and Imperials won 54-38.

Anzac Medal: Kellie McGorman.

  • Best players: Imperials - Lucy Harkness, Olivia Bolt.

A reserves

The top of the ladder clash got away with Imps taking the first centre pass.

Impressive defence from Mannum's Tracey Dabinett and Rachel Gassner quickly turned the ball back towards their scoring end which would set tone for the match.

Amy Loechel and Emily Schultz combined well in the Roos goal circle and with the intense pressure applied from Simone Cocks and Rachel Edward at centre and wing defence respectively, not enough to alter the impressive feeding from Liana Webster and Kimberly Rathjen.

A six-goal lead going into the second quarter found and unchanged Mannum side and only centre/wing attack switch up for Imps.

Tracy continued to dominate taking multiple rebounds and intercepts for the quarter.

Inaccurate passing from Roo girls stooped them from capitalising on these turnovers allowing for another low scoring quarter of just 12 goals to Imperials 7.

Mannum 17 and under players Elise Horstmann came on at goal defence in the third and stepped up like a champ given it was her first A reserve game.

A much closer quarter but Mannum still went into the final term with a 12-goal lead.

Leticia McNicol and Jessica Barolo were finding good range for the blues team, enough to give an equal pegging for the last.

The final score was Mannum 41 defeated Imperials 29.

  • Best players: Mannum - Tracey Dabinett, Liana Webster; Imperials - Stephanie Hagger, Rachel Edwards

B reserves

It was a warm start to the game with Imperial's Crystal Crivellaro taking the first centre pass.

Mannum's defence intercepted the ball and worked it down to Alannah Vaughan in WA for Mannum, who took several passes down into goal circle, despite Imperials Katherine Murdoch and Jayme-Lee McKay's defending attempts Mannum goalers still managed to work the ball in and take the first successful shot at goal.

It was a great first quarter showing that both Imperials and Mannum had equal determination to get a head start in the game. At quarter time the score board was Imperials 10 to Mannum six.

After a fair shake around of players on both sides, both teams took to the second quarter with fresh legs. Mannum's defenders Claire Hartley and Kate Austin worked hard to deflect the ball out of Imperials goal circle, however Lacey Williams and Brianna Penhall held firm and consistent with their shots at goal.

There were quite a lot of turnovers by both Mannum and Imperials centre court players, however Imperials managed to convert the turnovers into more goals and took the lead into half time at 20 to 10.

Third quarter proved problematic for injuries as Imperials players Crystal Crivellaro and Tina Penhall calling time for injuries throughout the play.

In addition, Mannum's Sharna Ransom sustained an injury. Despite this, the game continued. Mannum's Mia Kluge and Alannah Vaughan applied heavy pressure in defence, however, Imperials shooters continued to drop the ball through the ring.

Imperials had their most successful quarter taking the score to 30 to Mannum's 13.

The final quarter proved to be Mannum's most successful, Chelsea Jarred and Mia Kluge in goals worked well together and scored the most goals for a quarter.

However, Imperials continued with a strong mid court Laura Werner and Scarlett Cocks who intercepted several passes and converted these to goals.

The game ended with Imperials taking home the win 40 to Mannum's 20.

  • Best players: Mannum - Ella Denver; Imperials - Laura Werner.

17 and under

Mannum met imperials today on a warm and windy day at Mannum.

Both teams started strong with tight defensive pressure seen at both ends of the court, with imperials scoring the first goal.

Mannum and Imperials went goal-for-goal in the first quarter with the scores even at the first quarter break 8-all.

Mannum's strong defensive pressure from Elise Horstmann and Amy Dohnt keeping imperials Leticia McNicol and Georgia DeMichele fighting for every ball but unfortunately imperials to be the better side taking control pushing the score out to a 8-goal lead at half-time.

Mannum's midcourt of Piper Wegner and Ellouise Schutz kept providing good feeding into goalers Taleah Bailey and Mia Kluge but Imperial defenders Caitlin Hissy and Dallas Merry were too strong and sent the ball back down the court into Imperials' goal circle.

The Blues ran away with the lead 35-21 at three-quarter-time.

Both teams came out firing in the last quarter and hard work was shown by both teams.

Imperials demonstrated their ability to maintain their intensity throughout the quarter.

Mannum's Piper Wegner and Imperials' Olivia Eldridge were working hard driving the ball into the goal circle.

Imperials proved to be the better side on the day taking the lead and win by 17 goals. 26-43.

  • Best players: Mannum - Mia Kluge and Piper Wegner; Imperials - Leticia McNicol and Caitlin Hissy

15 and under division one

The game started in near perfect conditions.

Imperials' attacking end got off to a great start with Mattea Willason and Abby Harrowfield feeding the ball brilliantly into the hands of shooters Ella McNicol and Catlin Michalik who converted extremely accurately for their team.

The first quarter ended with Imperials gaining the lead 1-4.

Mannum's centre Beth Reichstein was working hard in centre combining well with Natalie Frahn feeding to ball strongly into the goalers Taleah Bailey and Mia Vivian.

Good defensive pressure from Mannum's Sascha Baker and Gypsy Roan saw many turnovers in the goal circle, keeping Imps to score only 2 goals for the quarter.

The second quarter ended with Imps' maintaining the lead 20-9.

Ella O'Brien and Mia Perriman applied great pressure in the third quarter making Bailey and Eades work hard for possession.

Kealie Cheriton read the play well and intercepted strongly.

At the final break, the score was Imperials 27 to Mannum 17.

A greatly contested last quarter with both teams fighting to the end resulting in a win by Imperials 36, Mannum 21.

Final scores were Imperials 36 to Mannum 21.

  • Best players Imperials - Caitlin Michalik; Mannum - Sascha Baker

13 and under division one

Mannum started with the centre pass and worked efficiently bringing the ball down the court to enable Imogen Frahn to convert.

Imperials responded well with Amelia De Michele working hard and feeding in well to Mia Williams in goal attack.

The first quarter was evenly contested with Imperials leading 6-4.

Mannum made a change in the second quarter moving Siennah Reichstein into wing attack.

Reichstein continued to move the ball well with her opponent Zoe Michalik at wing defence applying pressure.

Yasmin Harrowfield was also working hard against Casey Taylor who was reading the play well in defence. I

mperials finished the second quarter leading 14-7.

Imperials made many changes for the third quarter with Olivia Carr going to wing defence and Lara Franke going to goalkeeper.

Mannum's Abby Matakanace left the court with an injury timeout and was replaced by Isabelle Morland at goal defence.

Mannum's Amity Bailey was combining well with Kaylee Schellen moving the ball well around the court. Imperials furthered their lead 31-11.

Mannum continued to make changes with Schellen and Reichstein combining well in goals.

Frahn moved to defence with her opponent Williams continuing to find the net.

This quarter was evenly contested with both teams scoring eight goals.

Mannum had many fill-ins for the day and appreciated all the Under 13 Division 2 players stepping up. Imperials finished on top winning 39-19.

11 and under division one

Imperials had the very first centre pass and straight away some great attacking movements were made by Imperial midcourters Lexi Robinson and Logan Morrell.

Imperials managed to move the ball into their circle multiple of times however superb defensive pressure applied by Mannum defender Claire Carter taking multiple intercepts.

The ball continued to work its way down each end until the first goal was scored through imperials shooter Summer Leckie.

Into the second quarter the score was even. Mannum goalies Ruby Jarred, and Shay-lee Maloney combined amazingly in the goal circle with Shay-lee scoring many long shots.

Imperials defender Olivia Williams worked very hard in the defence circle with great defending of the shoots whilst Allegra Willason was able to get her hands to many rebounds.

Imperials continuous fight allowing them to take the win for the quarter 16-11.

Into the third quarter and Mannum were not ready to give up. Shelby Furjan moved into defence from her usual midcourt position where she performed greatly.

Indi Garrett completed many quick and fast drives into the circle with the help of many turn overs made by Tayler Linert.

Mannum's midcourters Steph Cooke and Gemma Mills continued to work had with accurate strong passes helping Mannum to still be in the game.

Into the fourth quarter and Mannum were not ready to give up. Mia Reichstein in goal shooter motivated her team and performed amazing movements.

Ruby Jarred Mannum defender used her height and gained multiple turnovers allowing Mannum to increase their score.

Ultimately before long time was up, and imperials took the win by three goals

The final score was Imperials 27, Mannum 24.

Anzac award: Ruby Jarred.

  • Best players: Mannum - Claire Carter, Shay-lee Maloney; Imperials - Allegra Willason and Summer Leckie.

11 and under division two

The match started with Mannum winning the toss and taking the first centre pass which led to a four-goal lead for Mannum in the first quarter with Imperials not scoring.

The second quarter Mannum was met with Imperials tough defence with Isabella Costello in goal defence and Claire Paul in goal keeper.

However, Mannum's goal shooter, Isla Wittwer and Kaylee Chadwick in goal attack were able to bring the score up to eight at half time with Imperials scoring one goal.

Mannum's defence was tough in the third quarter with Akira Harris stepping out into goal defence where she was fierce in getting several turn overs.

Imperial shooters Charlotte Wise and Carlien Bissett were able to bring the score up to two at three-quarter-time with Mannum scoring two goals leaving the score Mannum ten and Imperials two.

The final quarter saw Mannum score nine goals with Mia Kurz in wing attack providing sensational attacking drive into the ring.

Imperials kept fighting with Lucinda Temby in centre providing great pressure down the court against Jessica Nuske.

The final score was 19 to two with Mannum taking the win.

  • Best players: Mannum - Isla Wittwer Mia Kurz; Imperials - Isabella Costello, Lucinda Temby.


It was round six and these mini girls were set to go on and show the large gathering of spectators just how much they have learnt and improved in such a small length of time.

Mannum captain Amelia Vivian won the toss for her team and sent the ball travelling down their attack line and into the goal circle where it would stay for majority of the first quarter.

The second quarter was much of the same as Imps defence line struggled to get the ball past Mannum's WA Lily Krollig who would go on to win the Anzac award for today's game.

Emma Roberts worked hard with multiple attempts at goal for her Roo girls, helped out by Melody Chambers and later on Bella Harris.

Persistence would pay off and halfway through the third quarter Emma shot her first goal.

Despite impressive defence from Imperials Ivy Venning which continued to improve throughout the game, it was still not enough to get the Blues team on the board.

The final score saw Mannum one defeating Imperials nil.


A grade

The A grade match began very well contested by both sides.

Tegan Afford and Horsnell both started strong and were battling it out in the centre from the word go.

Jervois were feeding the ball well into the circle but were not able to convert which gave Mypolonga the chance to score off every chance they could get and finished the first quarter with a strong lead of 14 goals.

The second quarter demonstrated a more even game with accurate shooting from Jervois and strong defence by Thurston and Conway-Jaensch for Jervois.

Mypolonga had made changes which saw Manley for Mypolonga move to WD which created more height in the midcourt.

Banks for Mypolonga was continually strong and holding well ensuring there was a strong target for the Mypolonga mid courters.

Scores at half time were Jervois 11 and Mypolonga 28.

Jervois made a slight change where J.Heym came onto WD.

Heym created tight defence and combined well with the defenders to bring the ball down the attacking end. G Steinert provided tight defence and drove the ball out of the defensive end providing Mypolonga with strong options all the way down the court.

An injury to Jervois and then to Mypolonga caused some changes and Mypolonga went into the final quarter with a 22-goal lead.

Mypolonga was able to continue to build on their lead and ran out winners 59 to Jervois 22.

  • Best players: Jervois - Tessa Thurston and Kim Mitton; Mypolonga - Sharman Banks and Nadia Manley

A reserves

The game began after a guard of honour by both Jervois and Mypolonga players and supporters in celebration for Melissa Gate's 350th senior game for the Bluds Netball Club, who fittingly converted the first shot at goal for the match

At the next centre pass Mypo began a strong momentum, and made the most of their possessions.

Mypolonga's defenders Kate Nolan and Rebekah Wagenknecht were relentless, making it difficult for Jervois' midcourt players to find their targets in Mel Gates and Evie Longstaffe.

Mypo lead at the quarter break by 12.

In the second quarter Mypo's Lauren Nolan worked well in goals, supported by fellow goaler Georgia Duell and by wing Hannah Taylor.

Mypo centre Kara Reed provided steady, reliable support for her team throughout the middle, despite the consistent effort and pressure of Jervois Centre, Elyse Faehrmann.

Mypo led 37 to 12 at the half-time break.

Jervois changed their line-up in the third quarter.

Mykayla Ward and Jaimie Zadow applied strong pressure to the Mypo midcourt in an effort to block the feeding to the goalers.

Hannah Lovett tried hard to get her hands on any wayward balls in circle defence for the Bluds.

While Jervois managed to get their hands to a few balls, tight defence by Mypo made it difficult to capitalise on.

Injury time brought Nicole Cercone into the centre for the Bluds, who provided some strong leads through the centre.

Mypo led 48-17 heading into the last quarter.

Jervois made further changes, moving Sarah Bolt in goals and Evie Longstaffe back into defence with Jesse Heym in an effort to combat Mypo's court flow, however the consistency and strength of the Mypo team showed with the final score.

Mypolonga 67 defeated Jervois 23.

  • Best players: Jervois: Melissa Gates and Elyse Faehrmann; Mypolonga - Kara Reed and Hannah Taylor

B grade

Both teams started well, with Jervois staying with Mypo for the first half of the quarter.

17 and under player Rebecca Williss was playing well for Jervois at GA and Sally Peacock in goals for Mypo was playing well against Renee Nottle.

Mypo took the advantage in the last half of the quarter with better team play and led at the first change by 10, Mypo 17 to Jervois 7

Mypo started the second quarter where they left off in the first.

They dominated play and converted better than the Jervois side.

Ashley Hall at centre for Jervois continued to intercept and set up play for her team.

Peyton Elphick at GA for Mypo was creative around the goal ring.

Mypo extended their lead with an 18-goal advantage in this quarter.

Mypo led at half time by 28 goals.

Both teams made changes for the start of the third quarter.

17 and under player Taliah Davies came on at WD for Jervois and settled in well.

Elizabeth Rankine at GS for Jervois was out playing her opponent Mypo opponent Hannah Marschall.

Jervois seemed to have more movement through the centre court and only lost the quarter by two goals, Mypo 57 to Jervois 27.

Jervois had to make changes again, due to players having played their maximum quarters for the day. Mypo settled and again dominated the game.

Ashley Hall continued to work hard in centre for Jervois and Sally Peacock returned to the court for Mypo due to an injury. Mypo ran out winners by 39, Mypo 78 and Jervois 39.

  • Best players: Jervois - Ashley Hall and Elizabeth Rankine; Mypolonga - Peyton Elphick and Sally Peacock

B reserves

Jervois Bluds' B reserve lost 51- 21 to the Mypolonga Tigers.

After a reasonably even start in the first quarter, Jervois nine to Mypolonga 13, Mypolonga consistently out scored and out played Jervois.

Bluds won the toss and started strong scoring the first goal, but Mypolonga quickly found their feet and scored the next few goals.

Jervois fought back and the shooters began working well together, and the Mypolonga shooters had the Jervois defenders working twice as hard, Jervois nine, Mypolonga 13.

In the second quarter Jervois came out fast, with changes in the defensive end gave Jervois the chance to win rebounds.

Teams went goal for goal early in the quarter until Mypolonga found their rhythm and did not miss their next four goals. Jervois 13 - Mypolonga 24.

Third quarter began goal for goal again after teams made changes to the line-up, resulting in both sides struggling to get back into a rhythm with a scrappy quarter.

The heat of the afternoon wore the players out quickly, but the Mypolonga's midcourt dominated with Gemma Schilling and Zoe Harrison making the ball flow easily allowing many scoring opportunities for their shooters.

Jervois 18 trailed Mypolonga 38.

Mypolonga finished the game off strong with scoring their first win of the shortened season for the B reserve grade, Mypolonga sits even with Jervois on the ladder with their next game against each other in round 13.

  • Best players: Jervois - Lauren Andriske and Danielle Wohlschlager; Mypolonga - Gemma Schilling and Zoe Harrison

C grade

Mypolonga C grade acquired their second win for the season against Jervois, 40 to 18, with a strong game in all areas of the court.

The game started slow, with Jervois scoring the first goal, both teams had equal opportunities making a potentially close quarter.

The accuracy of the Mypolonga's GS, Sarah Kennedy, helped them take a three-goal lead in the first quarter, 7-4.

In the second quarter, Jervois saw the mother/daughter duo, Makayla and Cindy Parker, took the court together, with the hope of increasing the scoring rate.

Mypo's mid-courter players Angela Venturi, Holly Slotegraaf and Kymberley Knitschke kept the ball flowing smoothly with great feeds into their circle.

Though Mypolonga doubled their lead, Jervois's GK, Nicci Sterland, kept Jervois with in an achievable come back. Mypolonga 16 to Jervois 10.

In the third quarter Mypolonga came back fighting, with only one change of positions, while Jervois only played one player in the same position from the second quarter.

The changes caused the Bluds to become unsettled, though scoring the same number of goals Mypo gained a stronger lead out to 12 goals, 28 to 16.

Jervois once again made huge changes to their team, this seemed to be at the determent of the team leading to a scrappy last quarter.

Mypolonga came out fighting, strong passing and leading in front they were able to feed the ball into their goalies who had gained confidence.

This helped Mypo take the lead by a further 10 goals finishing the match with a win of 22 goals, Mypolonga 40 to Jervois 18.

  • Best players: Jervois - Nicci Sterland and Aimee Hall; Mypolonga - Angela Venturi and Holly Slotegraaf

17 and under

Both teams started well by applying pressure down the court.

Accurate shooting by Mypo goalers Sienna Daniell and Trinity Manning saw Mypo take the lead at the end of the 1st quarter. Scores were Jervois 3 to Mypo 14.

Good Defensive pressure from Chelsea Gotch and Jacinta Fritchley caused Jervois to make errors with goalies Sienna and Trinity rewarding them with goals.

Jervois defenders Rebecca Williss and Bella Cameron defended well but accurate shooting kept Mypo ahead at the end of the second quarter, Mypo 31 to Jervois 9 at half-time.

Both teams made changes which benefited each team as they went goal for goal early in the first quarter. Rebecca Williss and Madison Jaensch worked well in the goals together and rewarded the team with accurate shooting which helped build the teams confidence.

Mypo continued to put pressure all the way down the court and were still ahead at the end of the third quarter, Mypo 51 to Jervois 18.

Jervois made more changes but had to play with 6 players for a little while as one of their players had a blood nose.

Mypo capitalised on this pulling ahead even further. But Jervois remained positive and kept the pressure on but Mypo's defences Hayley Brehaut and Jayda Stimpson continued their great defensive pressure in the ring with their goalies continuing their great shooting form at the other end.

At the end of the game Mypo were too strong running out winners 71 to Jervois 27.

  • Best players: Jervois - Adela Chewings and Rebecca Willis; Mypolonga - Hayley Brehaut and Trinity Manning

15 and under division one

It was top taking on third at the Jervois courts, the two sides both looking to gain the two points for their team.

Both sides started strong with a lot of back-and-forth ball movement, errors from either team making for a quick and intense first quarter.

Goalers for both teams were shooting accurately, placing pressure on all players to cause a turnover

GD, Ava Lindner, and GA, Kyla Jarvis, had an excellent tussle not only in the goal circle, but right down the court to supply drive for their respective teams.

Mypo only led by one at quarter time but were able to extend their lead slightly by the main break.

A few changes from Mypo saw them take more control in the third quarter, moving the ball swiftly down the court to their attacking end, who were converting the ball well.

Jervois' defenders weren't making it easy though, picking off any loose balls that weren't accurate.

Jervois found some great defensive drive through the middle with WD Holly Elliott in the last, consistently reoffering for her team in a tough last quarter.

Goaler Peyton Allen shot wonderfully for Mypo, moving well in the circle to create many feeding opportunities for her ringside players. Mypo proved why they were the top side in the last, extending their lead out to 22 at the final whistle.

The Jervois girls put up their best effort, but Mypo's quick brand of game and accurate shooting helped them stay atop of the ladder for yet another week. Final scores were 26-48.

  • Best players: Jervois - Holly Elliot; Mypolonga - Georgia Martin

15 and under division two

Jervois had the first centre pass and after a back and forward tussle Mypolonga were able to put the first score on the board.

The first quarter was tight and both teams made sure they scored a goal from each mistake made and it waws even at quarter-time, 6-all.

Mypolonga made one change for the second quarter and were able to score again the first goal.

Jervois returned with a quick goal from GS Makayla Litchfield, but Mypolonga GK Rhea Kempe worked hard to keep her away from the ring

Mypolonga's C Angelina Bates was everywhere and able to find the loose ball which proved beneficial for Mypolonga.

Jervois WA Tarni Swannson proved handy with some great passes to keep the game tight.

Half-time was even again at 12-all.

Both teams made changes for the third quarter, but it was Mypolonga's GA Bella Pike and GS Teegan Ackland who came out firing scoring the next four goals.

Mypolonga GD, Rhea Kempe worked hard to keep Jervois GA, Kaitlyn Jaensch, away from the ring to score. Three quarter time saw Mypolonga leading 20-15.

The last quarter was set for a great finish.

Both teams made changes and were ready for a tight last quarter.

Jervois WD Elle Tabe was able to get a few handy pickups which Jervois were able to score from.

Mypolonga's GA, Bella Pike and GS, Teegan Ackland, made sure they didn't miss to keep the game tight.

Jervois were not able to hold up against Mypolonga as they were too strong in the end.

Mypolonga came away with a win 28 to Jervois 20.

Best players: Jervois - Sera Dalton and Makayla Litchfield; Mypolonga - Jessica Deane and Rhea Kempe

13 and under division one

Mypolonga started the game with the centre pass.

With Mypolonga's players Milly Manning and Breanna Kuchel playing well in goals.

The second quarter saw Jervois move Grace Carey into GD and was working hard with Monikue Harvey to get the ball.

The start of the second half saw both teams make changes including Alesha Dawe for Jervois moving into GK and Mypolonga moving Eloise Kuhl in WD.

Mypolonga were on top for the third quarter and moving the ball well and increasing their leading with accurate shooting from Demi Harrington.

All Jervois players were trying their hardest, but the ball wasn't making it down their end of the court.

At the end of the game Mypolonga were too strong for Jervois and won 46 to 12.

  • Best players: Jervois - Ellie Tabe and Lacey Budarick; Mypolonga - Reagan Martin and Demi Harringtion

13 and under division two

The game started off with Mypolonga gaining a steady lead thanks to their strong drive down the court midcourt, along with good defensive pressure enabling a handful of turnovers.

Jervois were able to keep Mypolonga's lead from getting away for the first half of the game, with good turn overs and rebounding in the defensive end from Jazlyn Wynen and Mackenzie Milne.

Despite good movement in the circle and rebounds from Jervois' Zara Swansson, and strong feeding into the circle from Mia Campbell, Mypolonga managed to increase their win to 48-25 thanks to their accurate shooting.

11 and under division two

Jervois started with the first centre pass, scoring quickly through GA Lucy Mason followed by their second from GS Isabella Doutre.

Mypolonga made some really good intercepts and rebounds from defenders Azalea Baker and Sophie Brouwer.

Scores at quarter-time was Jervois five to Mypolonga nil..

Both teams started the quarter with quick goals shot by Lucy Mason (Jervois) and Scarlett Perry (Mypolonga).

There were a lot of turnovers through the quarter which resulted in the ball going back and forth.

Jervois finally settled and scored the next five goals.

Scarlett Perry also scored Mypolonga's second goal.

Scores at half-time were Jervois 12 to Mypolonga two.

The third quarter started very scrappy for both teams, however there were some good passages of play through the midcourt from Kayla Druszcz, Jervois, and Lainie Peacock, Mypolonga.

Scores at three-quarter-time were Jervois 15, Mypolonga two.

The last quarter started how the third did, with scrappy play by both sides.

Overall, it was a great game, and all the girls had fun.

Jervois were too strong in the end winning 17 to Mypolonga 2.

  • Best players: Jervois - Lucy Mason and Molly Mason; Mypolonga - Scarlett Perry and Lainie Peacock


Jervois started with the first centre pass.

Both teams having multiple turnovers before Mypolonga scored the first goal.

The ball was moved up and down the court well by both teams. Mypolonga's Caitlin Gravestock shooting with great accuracy, with Matilda Mason from Jervois putting the pressure on with some great intercepts.

Scores were Mypolonga four to Jervois one.

The second quarter was dominated by Mypolonga's attack with then ball in their goal third most of the time.

Bella Hartwig from Jervois worked hard to create space for her team.

The score at the end of the second quarter was Mypolonga eight to Jervois one.

Jervois made multiple position changes and started much stronger in the third quarter, with Dylan Flett shooting well, Matilda Mason and Elise Wohlschlager creating opportunities.

The score at the end of the third quarter was Mypolonga nine to Jervois five.

In the last quarter Jervois worked hard to come back with good passing down the court but Mypolonga's Tayla Roden applied strong defensive pressure forcing Jervois to shoot long.

A well-played and well-matched game.

Final scores were Mypolonga 11 to Jervois seven.

  • Best players: Jervois - Matilda Mason and Bella Hartwig; Mypolonga - Catlin Gravestock and Tayla Roden.