Murray Bridge High School have unveiled their new Entrepreneurial Learning Hub

The gateway to entrepreneurial learning is now open at Murray Bridge High School.

In a stand out event, the Murray Bridge High School unveiled their new Entrepreneurial Learning Hub.

The proceedings began with a traditional owners and cultural burning ceremony.

Entrepreneurial learning assistant principal, Tiahne Rowe started with a speech introducing and thanking all in attendance.

"Today you will have the chance to chat with some of our staff and students engaged in our entrepreneurial programs," Ms Rowe said.

"You will see the amazing events and outcomes which are all possible due to the department of education, entrepreneurial and learning strategy."

Murray Bridge High School principal, Ruth Mussger said this was just the start of this exciting adventure.

"We have been working quite hard over the last two years to develop entrepreneurial learning at our school," Ms Mussger said.

"We started off with an idea to create the opportunities for our students to see life beyond the classroom door.

"We want them to make strong connections within the community, to allow them to stay in the community, be prosperous, then to develop into the Murraylands workforce and social fabric of our society.

"We have over 550 students involved in entrepreneurial learning and it is now creating entrepreneurial experiences for the students."

Minister for Education, John Gardner said it's a privilege to be back in Murray Bridge and the competition was strong for the funding.

"It was great to see as we approached the school, all the significant building works underway," Mr Gardner said.

"There has been a current investment of 1.3 billion into public education infrastructure around South Australia.

"I think this is a great time to reflect on what Murray Bridge High School has achieved as an entrepreneurial specialist school.

"Murray Bridge was one of about 50 schools to put forward a pitch about entrepreneurial learning.

"There was a board assembled that wanted two metro schools, and two regional schools. Murray Bridge was the stand out school in regional South Australia.

"I can't wait to see what some of the things these students achieve in years ahead.

"I'm absolutely certain they will lead their world, communities and our state in a better way than they found it."

We started off with an idea to create the opportunities for our students to see life beyond the classroom door.

Murray Bridge High School principal, Ruth Mussger.

Entrepreneurial student, Nikcole Deionno had been studying business and entrepreneurial subjects for two years.

"2021 will be my third year and the number of opportunities and amount of wisdom I have gained is remarkable," Ms Deionno said.

"I have been able to partake in Sharktank eSchool, and the Future Funding's Challenge in Sydney.

"The one thing I love about entrepreneurship is you're taking the world around you and constantly innovating. We can see current problems and turn them into opportunities."

Murray Bridge High School student, Daniel Nedelkov spoke of his computer design and gaming course.

"It's an interesting subject," Nedelkov said.

"There are a lot of career pathways open through this subject."

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