An iconic Murray Bridge hotel is set to reopen its doors after a $45 million dollar upgrade.

An iconic Murray Bridge hotel is set to reopen its doors after a $45 million dollar upgrade.

Established in 1884, The Bridgeport Hotel's $45 million development is almost complete with community members able to book rooms and restaurant reservations from Tuesday, June 8, 2021.

General manager of The Bridgeport Hotel, Mary-Lou Corcoran said the upgrades will make the hotel a wonderful experience for all attendees.

"We're just starting to now turn all the lights on, and it looks fantastic," Ms Corcoran said.

"Underneath every level is LED lights. We can change the buildings colour to match any event.

"Everything is energy efficient. When people leave their rooms, they automatically shut down. I've got 35 years in the industry, and we're working with such outstanding new technology."

With a new open kitchen in the Rivergum Restaurant area, The Pool Bar with a heated pool overlooking the glorious River Murray, and the terrace area which has a retractable awning, clever floor cleaning design and boasts a 158 inch tv, it's not only a technological marvel, it's safety designs are just as top notch.

"We have DNA sprays in the building," Ms Corcoran said.

"If there are any issues within the property, a distress button can be pressed and it releases fine mists of DNA spray.

"Police can then put a black light over the suspect and then can be charged accordingly.

"It's all about the protection of the staff and patrons."

An emphasis was on hiring within the community of the Murraylands, along with using local products and services.

"We're all about creating pathways from juniors through," Ms Corcoran said.

"We've taken on 52 long unemployed, two over 60, 10 disabled, 11 indigenous, members of the Big W Monarto distribution centre and 14 juniors who are all doing a cert two in hospitality.

"That way they can have some real life experience to see if this is their pathway.

"It's not just about the building, it's about the team. We have reached about 95 per cent local employment."

With 100 rooms available, each one will feature artwork by local photographers. There was also some clever engineering behind the rooms.

"The rooms arrived in concrete modules and the electricity and plumbing was installed beforehand, we just needed to connect it," Ms Corcoran said.

"We then integrated it with the tiles and installed the doors. They basically came complete.

"The views from these rooms will sell themselves."

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