Self defence classes a hit in Mannum

It's a free course helping females of all ages gain experience in defending themselves.

It's a free course helping females of all ages gain experience in defending themselves.

At the Mannum Leisure Centre instructor Dave Garner is taking charge of a 10-week self defence course with students of all ages.

Mr Garner said the first night, which is supported by the Mid Murray Council, went very well.

"The night was geared towards being an introduction to the rest of the course and getting students comfortable with entering another personal space, or having their personal space entered and making physical contact with others," Garner said.

"These are all essential when undertaking any self defence training.

"Once the student saw how their body language might be interpreted, I noticed a positive difference in their posture and approach to the session."

11 students of all ages, from 12 upwards, participated over the two sessions and absorbed like sponges.

"Students are being taught not only techniques derived from martial arts to provide physical self defence, but also how to recognise danger signs - both verbal and non-verbal," Garner said.

"This is how to become more aware of your surroundings.

"It is important for all people to have the confidence and knowledge about how to defend themselves should the need arise.

"This course also includes aspects of how to avoid the conflict in the first instance so physical interaction may not be needed.

"However, these techniques need to be practiced on a regular basis so they can be used confidently and become second nature."

Passing on this kind of knowledge could potentially save one of these women's' lives one day.

"It is why martial art instructors become instructors in the first place," Garner said.

"It gives us the opportunity to pass on years of training and knowledge, helping others to develop self confidence, self respect and belief in themselves to deal with a situation if it arises.

"Combining this confidence and knowledge hopefully means that the skills taught are never actually needed to be used.

"Seeing the students increase in confidence during the evening as they became more relaxed with the course, which ultimately resulted in the techniques being demonstrated with more strength."

There is a short amount of time to sign up, but get in now because entries are closing.

"Students can still sign up to start in weeks two and three," Garner said.

"After that time it will be hard to catch up on the learning that has taken place previously as the course is nearly 100 per cent practical based."

- Details: To join the class phone Bobbie on 0448 772 322 or Joy on 0428 897 847.