Truck fire in Monarto South

A truck fire in Monarto South has left the vehicle completely destroyed.

The fire happened in a parking bay on the eastbound side of the South Eastern Freeway in Monarto South.

At 11am on Monday, June 21, Country Fire Services (CFS) were alerted to smoke from a prime mover on the highway.

Brett Williamson from the Country Fire Service (CFS) said the driver had stopped in parking bay for a rest stop.

"The driver noticed the smoke when he returned to the vehicle," Williamson said.

"The driver was then able to uncouple the prime mover from its trailer and get out of the vehicle without injury.

"Four CFS and two Metropolitan Fire Services (MFS) crews arrived to find the fire had spread through the vehicle and the prime mover destroyed.

"The damage is estimated to be $150,000. At this stage the cause of the fire has yet to be determined, but it is not believed to be suspicious.

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