Murray Bridge Mayor talks council business

Planning for city's future

On Monday night, July 12, Rural City of Murray Bridge councillors discussed some of the most significant State Government planning legislation that impacts on our region.

Environment and Food Production Areas (EFPA) were introduced by the State Government in recent years to identify and protect valuable food producing and rural areas as well as conserving prized natural landscapes, tourism and environmental resources.

The aim is to support sustainable growth and encourage the building of new homes while providing more certainty to food producers.

The EFPAs covering our region, which were brought in with minimal consultation and applied as a blanket over the entirety of the Rural City of Murray Bridge, restricts the development of land for residential development purposes within rural areas.

The Council administration has now reviewed the EFPA zoning and Council last night approved preparation of a submission to the State Government to correct some of the anomalies that relate to Murray Bridge.

We will look forward to seeing these rectified in the near future and the interests of our farming community, as well as the community at large, being better reflected and protected.

Council administration presented the Stormwater Asset Management Plan 2021-2026 which has modelled our future funding requirements to address condition and capacity of our storm water system for the next five years.

The Rural City of Murray Bridge manages a vast network of storm water infrastructure throughout the region and it is Council's intent to manage and operate the network effectively.

The Council was pleased to accept the report and have a plan for funding this necessary capital expenditure in the future.

The Council was also provided with a summary of the extensive range of infrastructure works planned for Murray Bridge East during 2021/22.

These include an upgraded "Welcome Garden" bed adjacent the RSL, a pitch upgrade at the Showgrounds to accommodate cricket and rugby, rehabilitation works on Long Flat Road and a reseal on Bow Hill Road among many other projects.

The Council was pleased to see the amount of work and investment on the Eastside, noting that the list will grow over the coming financial year and that significant private investment is also anticipated for the area.

Council received and reviewed the minutes of the Community Advisory Committee meeting, noting the great work that is being undertaken through the Youth Advisory Committee, the Ability Action Group and the Sport and Recreation Advisory Group.

The Council was particularly impressed with the activity in the youth area with a number of events being held and planning for skate park improvements and installation of a shelter well underway.

Council once again reported a strong financial position through to the end of May 2021 with favourable operating expenditure and delivery of key and capital projects.

We look forward to receiving the end of financial year report which we expect to set Council up for another strong operating year in 2021/22.

Brenton Lewis,


Rural City of Murray Bridge