Mypo, Mannum play out thrilling draw in round 15 of River Murray netball | GALLERY


The highly anticipated match between Mannum and Mypo commenced in wet and windy conditions. Mypo had the first centre pass which was taken by Ash Horsnell. Horsnell had a great battle with Mannum's Amy Schultz.

Schultz provided great defensive pressure throughout the game.

Horsnell combined well with wing attack Kelsey Gepp.

Both players passing well into their goalie combination of Sharmon Banks and Kara Martin. At the end of

the first quarter, scores were level at 12 apiece.

Mypolonga's defensive pressure through Mackenzie Rathjen and Eden Thomas was strong causing Mannum to make turnovers in the second quarter.

Despite this strong pressure, Mannum's Phoebe Wegener in goal attack and Brydie Sims in goal shooter continued their work rate to score at every opportunity that they got.

Likewise at the opposite end, Martin shot with great accuracy, assisting Mypo to go into half time with a three goal lead 25-22.

Mannum came out strong in the third quarter with Taylor Poole in goal keeper rebounding well and Kellie McGorman in goal defence getting her hands on a few handy balls.

Mannum's Gemma Horstmann was having a great tussle with Mypo's wing defence Emma Kluske, both players working hard.

Horstmann demonstrated great vision into respective goalies. Mannum had a 6 goal turn around, leading by three at three quarter time 36-33.

Both teams came out determined in the last quarter, demonstrating great desperation for the ball. With seconds to go, Mannum led by one goal however a turnover resulted in Mypo taking the ball down and scoring the goal to finish 46 all.

Best Players- Mannum; Amy Schultz, Phoebe Wegener, Kellie McGorman.

Mypo: Kara Martin, Mackenzie Rathjen


Expecting a close and tightly fought battle, Mannum came out strong. Playing with a settled line up, the Roos girls' defensive line of Tracy Dabinett, Rachel Gassner and Kady Poole were dominating in their rebounds and clean interceptions.

Emily Schultz at GA struggled to find her range but having the experienced Amy Loechel made up for that shooting with great accuracy and giving her Mannum side an 8 goal lead at half time.

Kate Nolan at GK came off injured in the 3rd being replaced by Rebekah Wagenknecht. The unsettled Mypolonga side couldn't match the Roos who won the game.

Final score: Mannum 53 defeated Mypolonga 24

Best players: Mypolonga - Georgia Duell and Hannah Taylor; Mannum - Tracy Dabinett and Deanna Paech


Mannum played well leading into the first quarter with their defensive team working well to obtain vital intercepts early in the game. Mannum worked on bringing the ball down the middle of the court and worked in beautifully into their goalies Madison Muirhead and Nicole Lavanda. Mypo fought back to obtain their lead moving into quarter time in front by one.

Coming into the second quarter both teams made no changes and came back fighting strong. Mypolonga goalies Payton Elphick and Holly Wachtel began to find their rhythm and worked excellently to secure a steady lead, however Mannum defence did not give up without a fight. Mannum's Paige Young worked hard around the circle to block the drive whilst Jaelee Tabe and Natasha Vivian worked on overdrive to ensure that they picked up every loose ball. Whilst Mannum's defence worked hard, Mypolonga's defence were not prepared to let them have it easy with Kiara Lewis and Hailey Perry getting a touch to every ball they could to maintain the lead moving into half time.

Coming into half time, Mannum made some changes which saw Jaelee Tabe move into attack to use her defensive pressure to an attacking advantage, and Paige Young move into GK to use her body on pressure to block up the circle. Mypolonga continued their lead working the ball seamlessly down the court into their goalies who continued to shoot excellently. Mannum attack Alyssa Quinn and Mylee Dabinett moved the ball well into their goalies who continued to work hard to try and fight back.

Heading into the last quarter Mypolonga continued to fight hard to ensure their win with full court pressure throughout the quarter. This saw Mypolonga take the win 48 to 35.


Mannum hosted second placed Mypolonga and it was a pretty even first quarter. Chelsea Jarred at Goal Shooter for Mannum was shooting well, as was Mypolonga's goal shooter, Tamika Pitcher. Mannum's Alannah Vaughan, at wing defence was tight in defence and made some good interceptions. However, Mypolonga was able to get a few goals ahead through tight defence, to lead by two at the first break.

Both teams made changes and Mypolonga really stepped up the pace, led by centre Gemma Schilling who directed the play and was strong in both attack and defence. Pitcher was a strong target for Mypolonga and continued her accuracy. Mypolonga led by 10 at half time

Mannum played their best netball of the match during the third quarter and showed what they are capable of. Both goal keepers, Claire Hartley for Mannum and Meg Daniel for Mypolonga contested the ball well and rebounded strongly. Mannum won the quarter by one goal.

Mypolonga stepped up again in the last quarter and continued to build on their form shown in the second quarter with all players contributing. Sienna Daniel took the court again at WA for Mypolonga and provided precise passing into her goal circle. Mypolonga ran out comfortable winners.

Final Score: Mypolonga 39, Mannum 23

Best Players:

Mannum - Alannah Vaughan, Claire Hartley

Mypolonga - Tamika Pitcher, Gemma Schilling

17 & UNDER

Mannum met Mypo today on a windy day at Mannum.

Both teams started strong with tight defensive pressure seen at both ends of the court, with Mypo scoring the first goal. Mannum keeping Mypo goal for goal in the first quarter with the scores even at the first quarter break 10 even. Mannum's strong defensive pressure from Elise Horstmann and Briannah Griffiths keeping Mypo's Mackenzie Linder and Sienna Daniel fighting for every ball but unfortunately Mypo proved to be the better side taking control pushing the score out to a 9 goal lead at half time.

Mannum's mid court Briannah Griffiths and Narelle Griffiths kept providing good feeding into goalies Piper Wegener and Mia Kluge but Mypo's defenders Trinnity Manning and Larissa pike were to strong and sent the ball back down the court into Mypo's goal circle, Mypo running away with the lead 39-23 at three quarter time.

Both teams came out firing in the last quarter and hard work was shown by both teams. Mypo demonstrating their ability to maintain their intensity throughout the quarter, Mannum's mid court Briannah Griffiths and Mypo's Bella Schubert working hard driving the ball into the goal circle. Mypo proving to be the better side on the day taking the lead and win by 20 goals.

Finals score

Mannum 32 - Mypo 52

Best Players

Mannum - Briannah Griffiths and Narelle Griffiths

Mypo - Mackenzie Linder And Trinnity Manning


No report submitted.


Mypolonga played against Mannum for the second time this season in somewhat blustery and windy conditions.

Mannum started well with great teamwork down the court by Shylie Mason and Zoey Hutchens feeding well into the Mannum goalers. Mypo responded with Ariel Challinger at centre driving hard down the court assisted by Breeanna Kuchel wing attack for Mypo.

Both teams were playing well, and the first quarter ended 8 - 8.

Both teams made slight changes in the second quarter with Ava Schubert for Mypo and Siennah Reichstein for Mannum having a tight contest in the midcourt. Demi Harrington and Reagan Martin were shooting well for Mypo, however Kaylee Schellen goal defence and Imogen Frahn goal keeper were making them work hard and were rewarded with some great intercepts and rebounds . Mypo ended the second quarter with a lead 19 - 11.

Camryn Brehaut and Millicent Manning applied continuous pressure on the Mannum shooters Olivia Griffiths and Siennah Reichstein making them earn every goal this third quarter. Sienna Grieger for Mannum at wing defence was trying hard for her team leading well. Mypo managed to further their lead this quarter 33 - 18.

Mannum started the last quarter with Schellen and Frahn moving into goals from defence, and they combined well with Lauren Gladigau at wing attack. Elouise Kuhn and Demi Harrington had a good contest against Griffiths and Reichstein who had moved to defence. Jasmine Chadwick for Mannum worked hard in this last quarter against her opponent Kuchel. Mypo finished the game winning 45 - 24. Mannum were super thankful to the four div 2 girls who stepped up on the day so that the game could be played.


Mypolonga won the toss, Jacinta Clark started the game off at centre for Mypo. They got the ball down to their goal end, Mannum defenders Jasmine Chadwick and Ruby Jarred put great pressure onto the shooters however Mypo Alarah Sipos GA scored the first goal for the game. Mannum Zoey Hutchens in centre and Kara Booth WA worked the ball down to Lauren Gladigau in GA who scored Mannum first goal. It was goal for goal the first few minutes of the game then Mannum defender Jasmine was working hard and got many intercepts which was rewarded down the goal end. Lauren scored many goals this quarter including a long bomb to end the quarter. First quarter ended with Mannum 8 - Mypo 4.

Mannum started the second quarter with no changes and Mypo only change one position. Jacinta at C for Mypo and Mannum Zoey Hutchens were a great match up putting pressure onto the ball throughout the court. Alarah at GA shooting was on point this quarter with scoring many goals for the team. The shooting duo Alarah and Alexis Watkins for Mypo was great they are a good match up. Ruby put great pressure on Alexis but it didn't stop her ending the quarter with a long bomb After the first half Mypo got the lead 11 - 17.

After half time both teams had swapped players around making it good to watch the players get use to different plays, Mypo adjusted and was on a role shooting goals. Both Mypo shooters with Sienna Grieger and Jasmine great defending duo but could not stop all the goals. Shay-Lee Maloney came into WD for Mannum and which put a lot of pressure on in the defence and assisted with the drive down into Mannum attacking end. However, Mannum was still behind with the score being 15 - 29 Mypo way.

Last quarter started Mannum came back with fight and scored the first 4 goals. Great game play from Mannum, however it was too late in the game. The pressure was on all around the court. The final whistle blew, and Mypolonga took the win 23 - 35.

Best Players

Mannum- Jasmine Chadwick & Lauren Gladigau

Mypolonga - Alarah Sipos & Imogen Murison


With cool conditions the under 11 div 1 players of opposing teams Mannum and Mypolonga met once again. Mannum had the first centre pass and immediate pressure was applied by Mypo's defenders Charlotte Pahl and Sophie Brower. Mannum worked hard moving the ball down the court, through great movements made by Gemma Mills and Mia Reichstein allowing them to score the first few goals. Each and every player from both of the teams continued to utilize and perform their netball skills. Some great, successful goals were shot by both goal attack players from each team Shay-Lee Maloney and Zoe Harrington. This greatly assisted in a strong competition which kept the game exciting. Into the last quarter and Mannum were only up by 4 goals. It was anyone's game. All of the players continued on strong not stopping until the final whilst. The final score for the game was Mannum 19 and Tailem Bend 17. Best players; Claire Carter (Mannum), Zoe Harrington



It was a cold and wet start to the day with the eleven and under division two team treating spectators to a competitive match. It was a slow start to the game with Mannum taking the first centre pass which was met by Mypolonga's Lainie Peacock in Goal Defence and Sophie Brouwer in Goal Keeper. By the end of the first quarter Mypolonga was in the lead by one with a total score of two to Mannum's one goal.

The second quarter saw no position changes and another close quarter on both sides. Mannum's Mia Kurz in Goal Keeper and Akira Harris in Goal Defence brought tight defence but Mypolonga's attacking end were able to move the ball in and score. The half time score was Mypolonga three to Mannum one.

The third quarter saw Mannum's Maliyah Haby step into Goal Attack creating great drive into the ring where Isla Wittwer in Goal Shooter shot two goals for the quarter. Mannum's defensive end with Mia Kurz and Sophie Turner made it tough for Mypolonga's shooters Scarlett Perry and Azalea Baker who moved well in the ring to score one goal for the quarter making the three-quarter time score Mypolonga four to Mannum three.

The final quarter saw a tough back and forth competition where no team scored leaving the final score Mypolonga four to Mannum three.

Final Score: Mypolonga 4, Mannum 3

Best Players:

- Mypolonga: Scarlet Perry, Sophie Brouwer

- Mannum: Mia Kurz, Maliyah Haby


An injury during warm up to Mannum's Evie Meinl saw a quick change to the start of their starting line-up, with Ava Bullard jumping into GS. Ava scored her first goal for the Roos girls within the first minute of the game. Mypolonga bought on Madi Brauwer and Xalia Thomson to their wings in the second quarter, evenly matching Mannum's Bella Harris, and Lacey Wittwer. Mannum remained on 4 goals for the game whilst Mypolonga were able to successfully score their shots through Caitlin Gravestocks and Macy Reu.

Final score: Mypo 7 defeated Mannum 4