Corella cull set for Murray Bridge and Wellington

Corella cull set for Murray Bridge and Wellington

THE Rural City of Murray Bridge will act to reduce little corella numbers in Murray Bridge and Wellington this breeding season as it aims to "restore a healthy balance between wildlife, people, property, and to protect the environment".

Last year, the council gave the green light for short-term strategies to disturb the large flock of little corellas at Wellington and other places along the river and the council is set to engage in a humane culling program.

Rural City of Murray Bridge city assets manager Sue Reynolds said while Sturt Reserve and some areas of Wellington provided Little Corellas a perfect habitat to live, eat and play, their numbers had risen to an unsustainable level in recent years.

"The number of Little Corellas visiting these locations is increasing each year and it's having a significant impact on our residents and environment, causing extensive damage to reserves, trees and infrastructure," she said.

"The management of this issue is very complex, and council is currently working on new and innovative methods to address the impacts caused by little corellas - which includes strategically placed attractors and deterrents to protect public infrastructure.

"In the interim, the most widely accepted and most effective strategy to discourage little corellas is to prevent large flocks establishing a permanent roost site once their breeding season ends.

"This involves careful monitoring of the birds and the implementation of deterrent humane culling strategies as soon as the first birds arrive in our townships."

The starting date for the humane culling program in Murray Bridge will be determined by the arrival of scout birds and will be undertaken between 9:30am and 11:30am on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays.

When the program is physically being delivered council staff and pest control experts conducting the cull will carefully secure an area at Sturt Reserve, and ensure public safety during the exercise is maintained.

The Wellington program will focus on the area between the Courthouse and the Hotel, and is scheduled to be delivered from Monday to Thursday between 2pm and 3pm, dependent on arrival of birds.

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