Murray Bridge Garden and Floral Art Club declare Annual Rose Show a successful one

Murray Bridge Garden and Floral Art Club deem Annual Rose Show successful

The Annual Rose Show was deemed another great success as the President of the Murray Bridge Garden and Floral Art Club Mr Robert Butcher thanked this year's exhibitors.

The exhibition, a yearly event held on the first Wednesday in November, saw on show a stunning and diverse array of roses grown in Murray Bridge and district.

Club Patron, Dr Brenton Klemm attended the meeting to present the Murray Valley Chiropractic Centre Perpetual Trophy for Aggregate Rose Winner which this year went to Mr and Mrs Rob and Chris Butcher.

In welcoming Dr Klemm, Club President Mr Robert Butcher complemented Dr Klemm and Mrs Tanya Klemm on the clinic's fantastic display of roses grown in the gardens at the clinic.

"Your beautiful collection of Just Joey, Jubilee 150, Apricot Nectar and Spirit of Peace roses are just stunning at the moment," Mr Butcher said.

In presenting the trophy to this year's winners, Dr Klemm congratulated club members said, "Yet again the rose growers of Murray Bridge and District have put on the most amazing display of beautiful roses on show here tonight."

"You all have done a great job despite the inclement and rather erratic weather that has beset the Murraylands this year," Dr Klemm said.

Judge and presenter at this year's show was Mrs Maureen Ross of Ross Roses, Willunga.

Established in 1902 by Mr George Ross, four generations of the Ross family have grown roses for the Australian market, making Ross Roses one of the most respected names in the Australian rose industry.

Today, Ross Roses is managed by the fourth generation Mr Andrew Ross with his mother Maureen making it truly a family business of generations spent with roses.

Mr Andrew Ross has brought to the business his passion for rose plant hybridising as well as developing the rose gardens as a major attraction for tourists and rose enthusiasts.

It was Mr Ross's passion for hybridising new roses, that was the basis of Mrs Ross's presentation at this year's Rose Show.

"Striking roses from cuttings is pretty straight forward, but it does take time," Mrs Ross said.

"All you need to do is to take one of your finished roses, a flower stem that has dropped its petals. This can either be done in Spring, but most people leave it to the Autumn flush.

"The stem needs to be around a pencil think and approximately 20cm long.

"You then cut off all the leaves and the flower head plus having the bottom end of the cutting, cut at a 45 o angle.

"From there you dip the end of the cutting in either a hormone powder or just use honey.

"Role the end of the cuttings up in damp newspaper, place in a plastic bag and then into the crisper of your fridge for at least five weeks.

"What happens then is a callus or nodule develops at the end of the cutting and it's from here where the roots will spring forth when the cuttings are taken out of the fridge and planted about halfway down the stem in potting mix.

"Over time when the weather begins to warm, the cuttings will shoot out leaves and then flower.

"It is essential throughout this time that the soil is kept moist to assist your cuttings to take."

2021 Annual Rose Competition champion:

  • Hybrid Tea Rose: P Christian
  • Floribunda Rose: P Christian
  • Miniature Rose 1 bloom: R & C Butcher
  • Miniature Rose 1 cut: R & C Butcher
  • Climbing Rose: R & C Butcher
  • Ground Cover Rose: R & C Butcher
  • Shrub Rose: R & C Butcher
  • Rose Full Bloom: P Christian
  • Rose Vase 3 distinct colours or varieties: P Christian
  • Rose any other type: R & C Butcher
  • Eye Roses: R & C Butcher
  • 2021 Champion Rose: P Christian
  • 2021 Overall Rose Aggregate: R & C Butcher

November competition results:

A. Floral Arrangement:

  • 1st P Christian,
  • 2nd B & D Hoffman,
  • 3rd D Kluske

B. Fruit:

  • 1st B Rule

C. Large Garden Cut:

  • 1 st R & C Butcher,
  • 2 nd P Christian,
  • 3 rd R &C Butcher

D. Small Garden Cut:

  • 1 st D Woidt,
  • 2 nd B Rule,
  • 3 rd B Rule

F. Vegetables:

  • 1 st C Launer,
  • 2 nd D Woidt,
  • 3 rd C Launer

G. Home Produce:

  • 1 st D Woidt,
  • 2 nd B Rule

H. Pots/Containers/Hanging Baskets:

  • 1 st B Rule,
  • 2 nd R & C Butcher
  • Equal 3 rd P Christian & R & C Butcher

I. Craft:

  • 1 st A Jericho
  • 2 nd M Christian
  • 3 rd A Jericho

J 1. Eggs:

  • 1 st P Crowley
  • 2 nd C Launer
  • 3 rd C Launder

J 2 Hippeastrum

  • 1 st D Woidt,
  • 2 nd C Launer
  • J 3. Alstromeria:
  • 1 st P Christian,
  • 2 nd P Christian,
  • 3 rd D Woidt

Overall champion: B &D Hoffman

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