Murraylands Lawn Bowls competition round nine preview

Round nine lawn bowls preview

Division One

Mannum is proving to be the most consistent competitor as the season nears the halfway mark, even so it is still way to early to be talking about the final four as last Saturday's results showed.

Apart from Mannum, Karoonda and Jervois continue to nail the close ones. Murray Bridge, RSL and Tailem Bend failed to impress making this round essential to their prospects.

Karoonda V Mannum

This event will be a showcase that could throw a bit of light on how the rungs on the ladder will start to take shape.

Both are going well enough to absorb a stutter, but the winner will be looking the real deal with a confidence builder for what lies ahead.

Mannum has showed plenty of depth by slotting veteran skipper Garry Fowler in the role with a big result, joining Terry McDonnell and Graham Wakefield.

It could be in the absence of Martyn March, showing their strength as Marty's strike rate has been near perfect.

Karoonda has only lost the one so Rowan Zadow, Mal Waechter and Josh Porker will be attending this challenge with their teams full of confidence, and are going well enough to topple the leaders by five shots.

Jervois V Murray Bridge

The Bridge is not going as well as expected with just the one side, but the selectors have a quality list of talent to juggle with if necessary.

Even so they are not badly positioned on the ladder, but do need to collect the goods this Saturday. Ben Traeger's team carried the load last time out, but there is no doubt Bruce Attrill and Darren McIntosh will join in big time for this clash.

They will need to because the Jervois teams skippered by David Kempe, Tim Hicks and Graeme Herbert lifted Hicksville to a big one when needed the most. It's a ticklish excursion but Jervois look the winners at home by 1-10 shots.

Tailem Bend V RSL

The RSL players folded when the chips were down and simply did not go the pace on two rinks, leaving Jason Sipos to pick up a couple of much required points with his team.

Even so the two K's will travel to Tailem Bend with their charges sky high, knowing Tailem are on the ropes and they may well deliver the knock - out blow.

The Tailem teams are simmering but skippers Duane Edwards, Travis Schenke and Sam Shepherd are facing one of those seasons when the reigning premiers fail to make the finals the following season.

For Tailem to win this match it will take the biggest come - back since "Eddy" recovered from his fifth footy knee re construction. RSL by 1- 10 shots.

Division Two

RSL V Bridge White

The RSL teams are on a roll at the moment and really handed out a walloping last Saturday.

Skippers, Perrin Kuchel, Jeff Henschke and Allan Arbon would be delighted with the way their teams are playing at the moment. Brian Traeger, Les Maynard and Tom Griffiths would be content, but weren't quite as demanding.

Just the same it will be a thriller that RSL might claim for their own by four shots.

Mannum V Jervois Black

The Mannum line-up was in scintillating form last time out and it looks like Stephen Gregory, Jerry Pannell and Lynton "Jet" Jones had arm chair rides with such a big score.

Jervois Black won't be denied but did go down after the previous win, John Obst, Kevin Spinks and John McEntee will shrug that off but will need to be on target throughout to go the distance with their opponents who will be geared up to win by 11 shots.

Bridge Blue V Meningie

Bridge Blue fell by the way side and no doubt Ted Baxter, Kay Edson and Bob Johnstone would have been disappointed with that display and will be looking for a better performance.

Meningie broke through after a run of outs and Garry Mason, Trevor Mitchell and Ash Hunt will be keen to steady the ship back to the balance it has held for a long time.

It may have to wait, Blues at home again look the winners by five shots.

Jervois Red V Tailem Bend

No matter what Tailem couldn't get near the scoreboard last Saturday and certainly has a lot of improving to do to get back on track.

Steve Gordge, Ian Shepherd and Kevin Griffiths will be despondent as they face up to their opponents, Chester Moore, John Petrovic and Heather Fromm who won narrowly at Karoonda.

At this stage it points to Reds with five shots to spare.

Division Three

At last Mannum Golds dominance has become shaky as the side went down on both rinks which has been most unusual for the reigning premiers.

Now this week they come up against their other club colour Green.

It will be a come back test for Pamela Eichler and David Evans. They love a derby at Mannum and suddenly skippers Rob. Hughes and Peter McAvaney will start favourites with their teams and will be preferences to win a close one 1-10.

RSL V Bridge Blue

RSL is coming off a very welcome full points win that will boost the confidence of the teams skippered by James Kerville and Robert Sexton.

Now they clash with Denise Menzies and Kay Simes that didn't function at all with their teams, and will be looking for a big lift to establish form to match it with their opponents, who are looking at two straight by six shots.

Karoonda V Meningie

Karoonda has Yvonne Burdett and Warren Green out to amend their loss against Meningie that is coming off the bye with Glen Andrews and Ruth Miller freshened up to sneak in by four shots.

Tailem Bend V Jervois

Jervois with Christine Hicks and John Atkins still celebrating their windfall will be confident to do it all again over their across the river rivals.

It won't be easy, Tailem Bend has Colin Brereton and Rob Hughes ready for this encounter after a spirited performance by their teams, that could carry them to a four shot win.

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