Andrew Heard on target at Monarto Deed Range

In action: Ian Taylor lining things up at the Monarto Deed Range on Saturday. Photo: Supplied.

In action: Ian Taylor lining things up at the Monarto Deed Range on Saturday. Photo: Supplied.

TWELVE shooters began Saturday with high hopes of good returns at the Deed Range in Monarto as the Murray Bridge Rifle Club shot the 16th stage of its club championship from 700 metres.

The range is often considered a little easier than some others as it is the closest range from which we shoot on the biggest target.

However, that did not play out as planned for most as the weather had other ideas. It was a pleasant day by most standards except for the moderate right wind which made shooting difficult as it swung as well as dropped off at quite random intervals.

Top rifle had the biggest contingent on the day, the first time for a while that this has occurred, and top shooters all struggled early, with a first round stand out by Andrew Heard of 48.04 giving him an early lead over Robert Paech, a point behind.

The second round saw both shooters score 49s giving the top off-rifle win to Andrew Heard.

Andrew also won the handicap award for the day, a good four points clear of second placed Daniel Irvine, who once again managed to win the Magpie Award, and is considering getting a stamp made to make it easier to record his birds back in the club house after the shoot.

F-Class was dominated by open shooters with Adrian Conlon taking out the off-rifle win following up his 56.00 with a 59.03 for 115.03.

He was only a point ahead of Mark Nesti whose high super-centre count couldn't secure him the win on 114.07.

It did, however, secure him the handicap win in F-Class by almost five points from Adrian, who doesn't have much of a handicap to speak of. Visitor Karen Conlon also scored a very impressive 113.07 for the day.

The small F-Standard field this week was led by Frank Marshall, who scored 102.04 to stay ahead of Ian Taylor on 98.02.

Frank's top off-rifle effort, however, was marred slightly by his dual accomplishment of also winning the F-Class Magpie Award.

Back in the club house after the shoot, the lucky wheel jackpot, which had begun to accumulate as no one's score was being spun up, actually went off twice, with three shooters sharing the first $50 spin, while Mark Nesti was the lone winner of the second $50!


  • F-Class: M Nesti (FO) 56.03, 58.04, 114.07 (123.2), A Conlon (FO) 56.00, 59.03, 115.03 (118.5), F Marshall (FS) 48.03, 54.01, 102.04 (115.6), I Taylor (FS) 50.00, 48.02, 98.02 (113.7), W Halliday (FO) 48.01, 44.01, 92.02 (111.9).
  • Target Rifle: A Heard 48.04, 49.03, 97.07 (108.4), D Irvine 41.02, 42.03, 83.05 (104.7), R Paech 47.02, 49.04, 96.06 (104.3), G Traeger 45.03, 47.04, 92.07 (104.0), G Harrison 46.01, 46.02, 92.03 (103.0), J Elson 36.00, 40.00, 76.00 (94.4).
  • Also Fired: K Conlon (FO) 56.02, 57.05, 113.07.