Lion cubs born at Monarto Safari Park

Lion cubs born at Monarto Safari Park

FIVE lion cubs have been born at Monarto Safari Park.

Eight-year-old lioness Husani gave birth on Monday, January 24 with the first cub arriving at around 9:30pm and four more following soon after.

Assistant Curator Carnivores and Ungulates Anna Bennett said both mum and cubs were doin gwell.

"We were quite surprised with five cubs, we actually thought she looked smaller than last time," she said.

"It's been very exciting and Husani has done really well.

Ms Bennett said Husani was as a second-time mum and had been attentive and they were feeding well.

"Every birth at Monarto Safari Park is such a special event for us because our breeding programs are vital in raising awareness and securing the future of vulnerable species like African Lions," she said.

"Keepers were able to watch the births via a cub cam in Husani's den.

This ensures the new family has privacy and time to bond, while keepers can monitor and keep a close eye on any movement.

The new arrivals will remain in an off-limits area for the first few months of life.

At around four weeks old, the cubs will be introduced to their aunties and their half-sisters, Chikondi, Adira and Zaha, who were Husani's first litter born in February 2020.

"The older girls have seen cubs before but it will be the first time for Husani's previous cubs, so it will all be new to them," Anna said.

"I'm sure there will be a lot of excitement and wanting to play.

"At six weeks the cubs will receive their first health check, where keepers will be able to determine their sex.Once ready to venture out beyond the den, the little ones will make their debut in the lion exhibit.

The adorable additions are the next generation of Monarto Safari Park's breeding program, with Husani herself born at the park in 2013.