Pasin: Strong economy, strong security, strong future | EDITORIAL

Pasin: Strong economy, strong security, strong future | EDITORIAL

The first responsibility of any national government is the security of its citizens.

That's why you hear national governments speak so regularly about national and economic security.

In the Australian context and on the question of economic security, the federal liberal government is focused on working to secure our national economic recovery by supporting local jobs.

Having performed more strongly than any other major advanced economy during the pandemic, the Australian economy is poised for strong growth underpinned by Australia's high vaccination rate and unprecedented economic supports to households and small businesses.

We are keeping taxes low, because money in your pocket eases the cost of living, delivering projects across the country which are creating jobs and skilling the workforce for the jobs of tomorrow, with more than 220,000 trade apprentices in training - the highest number on record.

This sits along a commitment to make more goods in Australia to help secure our supply chain, delivering affordable and reliable energy to our homes and businesses and backing Australian businesses to modernise.

On the question of national security, beyond our shores, we face many other threats.

The world has entered a period of profound strategic challenge and disruption, in the face of those challenges the Morrison Government has remained steadfast in protecting Australia's interests.

Our Government is working with our allies and partners to supplement Ukraine's military defences.

We have provided lethal and non-lethal military equipment and medical supplies to support the defence of Ukraine, as well as helping those rendered homeless or vulnerable with $35 million in humanitarian assistance for urgent needs.

The Morrison Government is the proven choice when it comes to protecting Australia's national and economic security interests. Our decisions are underpinned by our values and a proven track record of investing in our defence force.

By investing in our national security and continuing to support our economic security, we are creating a stronger and more resilient Australia.