Local artists win $1,000 prizes at Murray Bridge Rotary Art Show

Rotary Art Show 2022. Photo: Sam Lowe
Rotary Art Show 2022. Photo: Sam Lowe

The Murray Bridge Rotary Art Show is set to celebrate its 36th birthday with some of the best works yet.

The event showcases local artwork in three categories - paintings, photography, and sculptures.

The President of the Murray Bridge Regional Arts Society, Sue Foster, said that exhibiting local artworks in one of the best regional galleries in South Australia allowed artists to show their work to its best advantage.

For artists, the Rotary Art Show was more than just a gallery exhibit - it was also an annual competition and sale opportunity.

This year saw three people win $1,000 for their works:

  • Anna Couper won the 3D category for her piece, Trio of Vessels.
  • Thomas Bromley won the 2D painting category for his piece, Alexandra Dovgan.
  • Daniel Cazzolato won the 2D photography category for his piece, Seagull Frenzy.

The Best Compassionate Depiction of an Animal was won by Carol Coventry's piece, Love on the Beach.

This year pieces on show were some of the examples ever seen at the exhibition.

"You can really see the standard rising ... it's great to see that artists are putting their best work in," Ms Foster said.

"That's one of the things that is great about this exhibition, it's amazing in all those years since 1986 to see how the quality of work has improved."

The artworks sell for between $80 and $2,300 with all money going to the artists, who pay a small fee to exhibit their work.

"I know that the sales have been going quite well and that is great," Ms Foster said.

"I've bought one myself as a matter of fact."

The Rotary Art Show closes on May 15.