New track, new committee, new members - South Coast Motocross goes up a gear

Round 1 of Club Championships, May 1. Photo: Eric McConnochie
Round 1 of Club Championships, May 1. Photo: Eric McConnochie

New jumps and a fresh layout have been keeping South Coast Motocross (SCMX) riders on the edge of their seat.

The upgrades to the club's tracks have earned it a spot as one of the best facilities in South Australia.

In the past five years SCMX members have topped out at 170, but since the new track was unveiled and a new committee announced, numbers have revved up to nearly 300 members.

SCMX regularly hold events for all ages and skill levels, with a junior track for smaller riders and the main track for seniors, giving everybody the chance to experience the rush of motocross.

Natasha Sky, the SCMX Secretary, said having a new track of national quality has attracted people from across the state for Ride Days.

"We've had people travel from Robe, Mount Gambier - long distances - and because we do camping they camp on the Saturday and ride on the Sunday," she said.

Bringing together riders not only supports the club and allows them to make future upgrades to the track, it brings in tourism for Murray Bridge.

"Motocross has sort of been forgotten, this track used to be a huge part of Murray Bridge, it was really well known," she said.

"It's been really good, it's a really good boost for motocross."

SCMX started their club championship on May 1 and, earlier in the year, celebrated International Women's Day with a Ladies Only Ride.

"We're getting lots of girls and women getting involved more... we had probably around 40 women [in Ladies Only Ride] and that's a lot for the women," Ms Sky said.

"And even for our club day, we were able to have our own race, the women don't normally get their own race... so that's really good, we never see that."

SCMX pride themselves on creating fun, family events that encourage participation from everyone.

"Everyone's really friendly, everyone looks out for each other and looks out for everyone's kids, it's really, really good."